Women in Tech : Saowaluck Mahasirisombat

From Banker to HR savvy tech entrepreneur, this woman has made her mark in the world of tech, featured in both media and import – export entrepreneurship spanning over 13 years.
Women in Tech : Saowaluck Mahasirisombat
Saowaluck Mahasirisombat is a well groomed CEO, with a wealth of experiences spanning 13 years’ experience working internationally with a Global and local HR & Accounting firm. She is a smart learner, earning her way up the ranks single handedly to where she is today.

Being a CEO for a Global approach HR firms in Thailand has its challenges, especially for a women who, now aged 37, had to stand strong in the face of adversity and prepare herself for even bigger and better things. Saowaluck takes up her roll with a strong vision, and it is no surprise that today her company CFHR is at the top of the leagues, becoming an HR Payroll and Administrative Outsourcing leader for international global partners and small to large scale businesses in Thailand.Women in Tech : Saowaluck Mahasirisombat

Her vision is to expand the services to all countries in Asia. Services are currently available in Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

Her broad, young, open minded and driven personality has assured all aspects of the company are working the best they can for all customers, and her quick thinking ensures that the company is always adaptable and accommodating in any situation.

Following this introduction, we decided to talk to Saowaluck and find out more about her visions, economic principles and the future of the HR industry.

How do you see the company changing in two years, and how do you see yourself creating that change?
We want to hire leaders and staff members who thinks about where the company is going. We don’t want to hire employees who are comfortable doing things the way they’ve always been done and with the new cloud payroll and HRIS platform where it will soon be available online for Thailand local SME business now on it’s way to being launched this coming 2018. I see us playing major roles in the Thai market for HR admin outsourcing and as a global player in ASEAN countries in the next 2 years.

How do you handle the challenges in the workplace?

There was a situation where the software development of our new product stalled. The customers didn’t exactly understand how to use the product, so where the communication was falling short, I coordinated a team which managed to get the schedule back on track. We were able to successfully troubleshoot the issues and solve the problems within a short period of time, and without completely burning out our team. I was able to do this by motivating the senior engineering team to brainstorm an innovative technological solution that would solve the customer’s issues and within a month the issue was cleared through better communications and fewer development hours on our end.

What have you invented?
Well, inventing something doesn’t mean you create a robot that can get a beer from a fridge. It could be anything. It’s more about looking to see if that person or your team have the mind-set to create something and show a desire to find fresh solutions.

What is your take on about the fast growing tech in HR industry across the globe?
Overall, HR managers and administrators continue to struggle to define and integrate the structures, processes and tools to consistently maintain good work performance across their organizations. The growth of HR payroll and HRIS tech is sure to help organisations make the small tedious tasks into something manageable. With less focus on the small jobs, management and working teams can focus more on the high priority tasks that help their businesses grow, such as marketing strategy, recruiting, training people etc. HR based technology in this industry bring true innovations that add value to their businesses, and helps make meaningful differences in the industry as a whole.

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