The Week in Geek: Black Adam’s out, new Silent Hill projects, and Mephisto!?

Sacha Baron Cohen as Mephisto? Two new Silent Hill games and a movie? Hideo Kojima with Elle Fanning? Black Adam is bad? Here’s what you may have missed this week in geek

Black Adam: critics hate it and fans love it

black adam silent hill mephisto

In yet another instance that shows a stark contrast between critics and regular moviegoers, Black Adam has been dubbed “meh” by critics but has been lauded by audiences for the most part. Movie reviewers have said that the story was too convoluted and that it was a CGI-action fest more than anything else, but audiences seem to either disagree or have no problem with that. On Rotten Tomatoes, it currently sits at a 39% based on critics’ reviews but 90% based on audience score. However, there is one thing everyone agrees on: the mid-credit scene has been something we’ve all been waiting for.

Konami announces new Silent Hill games and a movie

The Silent Hill franchise has been dormant for a while now. Ever since the disappointment gamers endured after Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro’s Silent Hills game was cancelled, the franchise seemed to have ended for good. However, last week Konami announced a number of new games in the franchise, including a remake of the classic Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill f, which will take place in 1960s Japan. Its teaser trailer already gives us the creeps and a severe case of trypophobia.

On top of that, it was also announced that a new Silent Hill film is in the works. Titled Return to Silent Hill, the movie will be based on Silent Hill 2 and will see the return of Christophe Gans as director. It will be a direct sequel to the first film.

Hideo Kojima has been teasing a new project with Elle Fanning

Kojima’s last project was 2019’s Death Stranding, and in true Kojima fashion, he has kept details of what he’s working on next a mystery. However, he’s been giving glimpses these past few days, posting pictures of him working with Elle Fanning and an enigmatic poster with her face and the words “Who am I?”. Others have speculated that this may be a sequel to Death Stranding after Norman Reedus said he has started working on the second game.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Mephisto?

black adam silent hill mephisto
Behold, the most evil (rumoured) villain of the MCU (Image credit: IMDB)

The English actor has proved that he’s not just an irreverent funnyman but has the acting chops to play in the big leagues, and it seems that he’s taking a step into MCU now. Deadline has reported that a “source close to the production” of the upcoming Disney+ series Ironheart of Cohen possibly playing Mephisto. Any MCU fan knows that Mephisto has long been a character rumoured to be behind the diabolical things happening in the universe, so much so that it’s become a meme in the community. Whether this is true or it’s just another misleading rumour remains to be seen.

Instagram is testing out a feature to allow you to add songs on your profile

In a move that takes us back to the MySpace era, Instagram is reportedly trying out a feature that will allow users to have a profile song. Twitter user @alex193a, a developer and well-known leaker, posted screenshots of the alleged feature and how it would work. Instagram has later confirmed the feature is being tested internally, which means it’s possible it could never be made available to the public. Maybe they could also try making Blingees available on our profiles. Time to brush up on our HTML.

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