The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

 The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

To say “Holly Amranan” is an iron woman, it’s not dramatization. It was not easy to raise two children (Nondh, Nandhini Amranand) by herself, it’s even more difficult that she has struggled with many diseases in the last ten years- taking her in and out at the hospital several times.

The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

Personal life

I am currently in charge of my family’s real estate and taking care of my 2 lovely children they have all grown up. They both are working now and I am really happy and proud of them.


Education life

I graduated high school from Triam Udom Suksa School in Art-French major, a bachelor degree from Srinakharinwirot University, Faculty of Humanity in major of English Language and Literature. I also finished School of Fashion Design (SFD) in Boston, U.S.A (Cocktail-Evening Dress). I have been owning “Wardrobe by Holly” shop since I was 25 years old and now I am 55 years old. I have also been working at Production House with my friends. Besides, I started PR Company.


Health problem

For my health issue, I have been having many diseases starting from breast cancer (2 times operation) with 30 times chemotherapy. It has been 9 years so, I totally forgot about that. Next, I had Brain Anyrysym. I had to have brain surgery to put the stentstcoils in my brain and I had right shoulder surgery to put in 5 nails. There are many more to talk about but I just leave it here. I have been living happily so, I don’t feel sick. I am now feeling fine.

Problems for single mother

There are always problems coming towards a single mom’s life. It is normal for that. My kids, they were stubborn just like other normal kids. Once they grew up, they were naughtier as they were teenagers. I found the issue of my kids being naughty for their ages as one normal story. There were some teachings from me as a mom and some rules for them to follow. They were made to sign the rules to acknowledge and the rules were framed in each one’s bedroom. If they broke the rules, there will be some punishments. It is totally normal things that happen in every house. Now they turn to be a really lovely adults. I love them more and more every day. Their life, their jobs or who they are have made me so proud.

The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

Raction of the children towards the breast cancer

My kids were shocked when they first found out about my diseases. They were crying and hugging. As I look so chill and strong now, sometimes they don’t even think that I am still sick. I used to feel a little mad at them for ignoring the fact that I am sick. However, they have been a really good supporters. I feel happy and don’t want to die. I still want to see them grow older and be what they want to be. They see me as both a mother and a close friend. We like to talk about everything.

Effect of health problem on work

Of course, what have caused me sick has always affected my career. It feels normal to me as it has been on and on for many years. However, I am grateful to have done the job I love for the last 25 years. I still on love with it but now I have to stop because of my father’s feeling worried. I want to go back if I get a chance. To be honest, I like to help other people more; I like to encourage them, talking to others who feel desperate or helping miserable people feeling happy again.

The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand”

A lot of people say I don’t look sick. When I found out what I have, I just followed the doctor’s suggestions and acted normal. At first, there were a lot of people; friends, relatives, sisters, brothers visited me every single day. Some sent me flowers, cards, supplementary food and a lot of things. I didn’t finish all of them in time. I have been acting normal since and thinking that I am well, happy, have nothing to worry. It is just to take some more medicine and visit a doctor for the appointment. That is all I need to do.

I want to tell anyone who have been fighting the cancer that they just need to admit it and be able to live with it. It is to feel that we are having a cold which some day it will be cured and gone. I never think that I am sick. I wake up fresh in the morning doing stuff as usual. I live with myself doing meditation. We can control our thought and mind to be happy every second. This way we can be truly be happy. This is it.

The way of life and mind to fight the disease of “Holly Amranand” Breast cancer ambassador

I have been helping charity project at Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer, King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society or QSCBC, Pink Park Village. The director and the founder of this center is Dr. Kris Chatamra. This center is non-profit one located at Khet Min Buri with the area of 120 Rai all together. Its purpose is to raise money to support breast cancer patients in terminal stage who live alone and have no help. It is the first completed project in Thailand. I, as one of the patient, is lucky enough to pay for my own expense. What about other women who cannot pay for themselves? 1 out of 10 women is at risk of having breast cancer and may feel discourage because they have no support. Here at the village, there is everything provided and without any cost.

Being breast cancer ambassador is an honor for me to be able to help society. I am glad and honorable every time I am invited to take a photo for the poster in order to promote and distribute the information in hospitals, school or shopping malls. It is also an honor for me to join the Pink Park Village event. I feel fulfilled to share my happiness to someone who are suffering the same thing. This is my 9th year of devoting myself to this project and I will definitely continue what I am doing. I would like to invite you all for the donation which to help women who suffer or may suffer in the future. It is to create the happiness for them more or less. You can make a donation at Queen Sirikit Center for Breast Cancer, account No. 968 – 007 – 8078, Krung Thai Bank, Zuellig House branch.


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