Warning to Covid-19 test for Korean restaurant in Pattaya area

Warning to Covid-19 test for Korean restaurant in Pattaya area

PHOTO: Doriwon Restaurant in the Bang Lamung area of Pattaya has a Covid-19 warning. (via Pantip)

A new warning has gone out urging everyone who has recently been to a Korean restaurant in the Bang Lamung area of Pattaya to get tested for Covid-19. The Chon Buri Public Health Office put out an announcement yesterday telling everyone who had visited or eaten at Doriwon Restaurant, located in Nong Prue on Pattaya Second Road, to get an antigen test kit and self-test, or seek a medical professional for testing.

The notice states that anyone who has been to the Korean restaurant between January 8 and January 24 is at risk of Covid-19 infection. They advised anyone who had bought food there or had eaten at the restaurant to get tested and monitor their own health, reporting to a medical official if they experience any Covid-19 symptoms.

The warning follows many previous notices in the past few months as Chon Buri officials attempt to quickly identify and contain any potential Covid-19 outbreaks in the Pattaya area and beyond. A few of the recent Covid-19 notifications in the Pattaya area:

  • January 7: Cool Club X in Si Racha Nakhon Soi 2 between December 31 and January 3 , more than 1 Covid-19 infection found.
  • December 25: Camel Toe Restaurant in Soi Krom Tee Din in Nong Prue near Pattaya reported Covid-19 infections between December 14 and December 20.
  • December 23: 3 crab shops and an ice shop in Si Racha between December 15 to 22: Si Rat Boil Crab Shop in Bang Phra, and Ae Boil Crab Shop, Na Na Prae Boil Crab Shop, Here Too Ice Shop behind Luang Bang Phra Temple
  • December 1: The Pee Kay Muen Lan Sushi stall on November 25 at Klong Tom Songpan Market and November 26 at Thung Gard Market between the hours of 3 pm and 9 pm. Like many food stalls, the sushi stand moves and operates at different locations on different days of the week.
  • November 24: The restaurant Non Hua Kun Jae, located in Klong Giw, Ban Bueng district between November 15 to November 22.
  • November 18: The McDonald’s located at Mini Siam Pattaya in the Naklua area of Pattaya found Covid-19 during an 11-day span from November 6 to November 17.
  • November 16: Puyai Note Wild Food Restaurant, located on Sukhumvit-Pattaya 54 Road in Bang Lamung, between the dates of November 5 and November 12.
  • November 12: Jade Gentlemen’s Club between November 6 and November 12.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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