Vespa S 125 i-GET Sport Edition

Vespa S 125 i-GET Sport Edition

The Italian scooter which was first launched in 1968 has returned with a fresh, future-embracing design. While maintaining some of its classic looks like the small headlights housed on top the bars and its wasp-tail fenders, some changes have been made that fans are guaranteed to love.

Vespa S 125 i-GET Sport Edition

Environmentally-friendly, modern, and still reliable, among the highlights of the new Vespa S 125 i-Get Sport Edition scooter are its quiet motor, new gearbox cover, and the barometric sensor for optimizing combustion. i-Get stands for ‘Italian Green Experience Technology,’ which is a fresh approach to the powertrain design and development, focused on the increased performance and efficiency of each of the engine’s elements. The design of everything from the exhaust to the internal design of the gearbox cover, say the manufacturers, lends itself to a smoother, more comfortable ride with reduced noise levels.

Some Specifications

The Vespa S 125 i-GET has an air-cooled, Euro-3 compliant, 125cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine that generates 10.2 hp at 600 rpm and 10.2 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm. The scooter’s 7-liter fuel tank gives it a journey range of around 420 kilometers. An improved fuel injection system, however, promises to increase the scooter’s fuel efficiency giving greater distance per liter of fuel.

The revised and updated Vespa S 125 i-GET has a crankshaft that offers a massive reduction in vibrations. The front suspension has one arm with a helical spring and one double-acting hydraulic shock absorber. The shock absorber at the rear, however, comes with 4 settings for preload. The Vespa S 125 i-GET Sport Edition features a 200mm disc brake at the front and a 110 mm drum rear brake.

ABS comes as standard say the scooter’s makers. The front wheel has a speed detection system which includes a sensor and tone wheel. The sensor communicates with the Vespa S 125’s electro-hydraulic control unit which controls the ABS braking system, ensuring that in the case of sudden wheel deceleration, locking is prevented and therefore control of the vehicle is maintained. This guarantees greater stability and vehicle control on wet surfaces or dirty asphalt.

Vespa S 125 i-GET Sport Edition

Under-seat and leg shield storage

The 11-inch front wheel is complemented by a rear 10-inch unit shod that houses 110/70 and 120/70 tires. In Thailand, the Vespa S 125 comes in 2 colors – Argento Opaco and Nero Opaco. The scooter weighs in at 114 kilograms and has a seat height of 785 mm. There is space under the Vespa S 125’s seat for 2 half-face helmets and it also comes with a leg shield that has storage space for a phone and other small items. A bag hook makes it possible to transport small items of luggage.

Technology advances 

The modernized Vespa S 125 i-GET comes with a USB port which allows a smartphone to interface with the scooter and records everything from trip information to where it is parked. There is also a remote that unlocks the undercut storage and can make the indicator signals flash.


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