Venus in Aries – High speed energy !

Venus in Aries  – High speed energy !Venus’s trek through Pisces for the past few weeks was great for snuggling with your boo and getting super romantic, but you’re probs ready for something a little more exciting in your love life now, no? Well, you’re in luck: On February 7, Venus leaves lovey-dovey Pisces and jets into hotheaded Aries! You’re getting tons of action, making new connections (in and out of the bedroom), and spicing up your relationships for the next few weeks, especially if you’re a fire sign, but cardinal signs Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn will have trouble keeping up with Venus in Aries’ high-speed energy.

Venus was exalted (aka operating at its very *best*) in Pisces, but Venus is actually debilitated in Aries, which just means it operates poorly in the cardinal fire sign. Venus is the planet of love and relationships, so it wants to help you form unions and partnerships with other people, but Aries is supes independent.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the most assertive, ego-driven, aggressive planet, and Aries’ Martian qualities are a tough fit for soft, lovey Venus. Aries’ egocentric nature makes it difficult for you to see anyone’s POV other than your own. You’re focused on your own relationship needs/wants and not your partner’s, and you might feel like you’re butting heads with them more. Compromising is tough and arguments start more quickly now, but DW, luv, your love life isn’t about to go down in flames, I promise.

That same Martian spirit that makes Aries accelerate from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye is also the source of their fiery passion. If you’re single and ready to mingle, you’re feeling bold and way more likely to find the confidence to slide into your crush’s DMs. If you’re going on a date or hooking up with someone, expect major chemistry. The sex is great, you’re having a ton of fun, and you’re going crazy for them, but after the initial spark of attraction, things tend to fizzle out.

Venus in Aries wants to be constantly entertained by someone incredible, so your crush/hookup has to be truly remarkable or else you’ll lose interest fast. If you do, however, link up with someone who really is ~awesome~, your feelings for them shoot sky-high–and it’s a great time to start a new, exciting relationship. For those of you who are already boo’d up, Venus in Aries can help you reignite that lost spark in your relationship. Try new things in bed or go to a different place than usual for date night, anything that can spice up your relationship a little, and you’ll have a blast while Venus is in Aries.

You’re doing tons of fun stuff with the crew, getting it on with your boo way more, and feeling the heat turn up in all your relationships now, thanks to Venus in Aries. Just try to avoid getting heated with your bestie/boo (which will be extra tough since Mercury retrograde starts on February 16)!

But first, read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes:


The planet of love, pleasure, and beauty in your sign makes the next month an incredible time to find love, look fly, and feel good about yourself. You’re coming off as more charismatic and appealing, and people are naturally attracted to you now. It’s also a great time to get a makeover, so if you’ve been wanting to update your wardrobe or get a dramatic haircut, now’s the time!


Venus is your sign’s ruling planet, so you’re extra affected by Venus’s transits. Since it’s in one of its least fave signs, you’re having a bit of a rough time here. Venus is in your chart’s 12th house, the zone of isolation and self-undoing, so you’re feeling more lonely now. Unhealthy relationship patterns start playing out more and making themselves very clear to you, so use this time to find the problems in your relationships and work on fixing them. If a relationship is worth saving, you can do it, but if your bestie/boo is no longer a good fit for you, you might decide to let them go.


Venus in Aries is helping out your social life more than anything, Gemmy. You’re already one of the chattiest, friendliest signs, and standing out in a group is kind of your “thing,” but you’re actually shining even brighter and coming off as even morecharismatic now! The big focus here is on spending time with the squad and making new connections, and in the professional realm, this is a great time for networking.


The next several weeks is helping your work-related relationships glow up, especially the one you have with your boss. At work, you’re coming off as more pleasant and charming, so making professional connections goes very smoothly, and if you’re single, a new romance with someone at the office can begin now. (Don’t get fired!)


Your chart’s 9th house, the zone of travel and adventure, is being set on fire by Venus in Aries for the next few weeks. You’re feeling more attracted to people who are so not your usual type, and if you’re going on any kind of trip or vacation, you might even find love while abroad. This is a great time to experiment with anything new in bed too–toys, positions, extra people, whatever you can do to spice things up!


Venus in Aries is bringing the heat to your most intimate, deep bonds. This is a time when sex is fiery and passionate and you’re making deep emotional connections with your boo. If you’re single, you’re catching major feelings for anyone you hook up with, and this can be a good time to upgrade your situationship into something more serious. Side note: Venus in Aries is activating your chart’s zone of inheritances, so you might get some extra cash sent your way too!


Your chart’s 7th house, the zone of relationships, is getting turned on by Venus in Aries’ vibes. This is generally a favorable but super-busy time for your relationships. Starting to date someone new is easier now (but keeping interest in them for long is not), finding someone to hook up with is a breeze, and if you’re boo’d up, life with bae is feeling much nicer now too! You’re spending almost all your time with your boo/bestie/FWB/etc. now and having a great time, but be careful not to neglect your job, family, or life at home unless you want trouble there in the future.


You’re taking Venus in Aries’ self-centered vibes to the next level. Venus’s transit through the fire sign is all about you taking care of you—your physical health, mental well-being, and day-to-day schedule. This is your chance to start a healthier diet, a new fitness routine, and productive habits that keep you happy and your life as efficient and organized as possible. Venus in Aries is making all your work-related relationships thrive too!


You’re really lucking out with this transit, Sagittarius, because Venus in Aries is activating your chart’s 5th house, the zone of romance, sex, and fun. This is a high-energy period when you’re having the hottest hookups and seeing stars when you’re with your boo. Don’t blink, because this transit will zoom by, so have as much fun as you can!


Venus in Aries is making you focus most on your ties to your fam and the people you live with. You’re spending more time with Mom and Dad, you’re getting along with your roommates better, and it’s also a great time to redecorate your living space. In the romantic realm, you’re feeling much more emotional and soft. If you’re in a relationship, this can be great, but if you’re single, it’s making it even harder than usual for you to come out of your shell.


The next month with Venus in Aries makes you feel like the most popular person around! This transit is all about getting to know the people around you better, hanging out with your homies 24/7, and making new connections every day. You’re coming off as a more funny, outgoing, and charismatic person, so this is a great time for all your relationships—romantic, platonic, and professional.


Venus in Aries is turning you into a total money magnet, and a fat bonus or some other form of extra cash is likely to head your way soon. Be careful and try not to spend all of it at once! As far as your love life goes, whether you’re with someone or not, this is a great time for more sensual, tactile sex, and even the quickest of flings feels extremely erotic. If you’re trying to stabilize a situationship and upgrade it to something more serious, Venus in Aries is a great time too.

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