Upload kitty mugshots to win prizes

Upload kitty mugshots to win prizes

Visit UIPTHAILAND’s Facebook page today to enter the “Cat in Boots Photo Upload Contest”. Just dress your cat in the Puss in Boots theme as shown in the picture. Then, post it on your Facebook page and set it to public with hashtags #CatInBootsTH #PussInBoots2. Never fear — you can vote for your favourite! The announcement of selected candidates will be on Dec 13. You can follow more details on the UIPTHAILAND Facebook page.

The winners of all 10 cats will be granted a once-in-a-lifetime experience of attending a preview screening of the film with friends and family at the special film launch event on Sunday, Dec 18, at 2 pm at Paragon Cineplex, and will receive movie tickets in the Major Cineplex group. There will be 10 seats per lucky winner who will receive a premium gift set from Puss In Boots: The Last Wish.

So don’t miss your chance to join in Cat in Boots Photo Upload Contest. Just upload a mischievous photo of your favourite cat in your life. Remember, you have until Dec 13 to enter the contest. Good luck to all the contestants and their cats.

Visit facebook.com/UIPThailand.

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