An Ultimate Fitness Vacation to Thailand

An Ultimate Fitness Vacation to Thailand

Picture this; you return from a long vacation in Thailand, have the time of your life, and make many friends overseas. But instead of gaining weight from the lots of exotic food you had to eat, your friends, family, and colleagues are amazed to find you jacked with a complete set of six-pack abs, well-fined cuts, and lean muscle mass from an ultimate fitness vacation to Thailand.

It might sound unrealistic to some, but this is what the expanding industry of fitness vacations can afford you. In other words, you can get more than the usual set of memorable photos from your time abroad. Fitness vacations can make it affordable and possible to enjoy the time of your life and get in shape on the same trip.

Gone are days that you have to sacrifice your fitness goals to live your wildest travel adventures, provided you can select the perfect fitness vacation destination. Among the various destinations in this new industry, Phuket, Thailand, is perhaps the most popular. Continue reading to learn more.

What to Expect on Your Fitness Vacation

Here is the way a typical fitness vacation will look. You will have accommodation at a resort of your choosing and budget, preferably one with a poolside lounge. There will be tons of fresh green coconut drinks, beverages, and other delicacies to enjoy. On any given day, you choose to start by reading a book or getting the services of an expert Thai masseuse later in the day.

But one thing is bound to catch your attention once you step outside on the street of your resort. Dozens of fit young men and women will file past panting for breath as they push the limits of their physical abilities. And this is how you’re constantly reminded of your next round of training sessions that is due in a couple of hours.

So, it has all the perks but not your typical fitness vacation. That’s why you may have to get some supplements or buy dbol online before you set off. Gone are days that Thailand was reserved solely for muay Thai or MMA fighters.

These fighters fly out to places like Phuket for their fight camps when preparing for big fights. Therefore, it shouldn’t surprise you if you meet one of your favorite UFC fighters like Israel Adesanya or Wonderboy.

What to Expect on Your Fitness Vacation

Accommodation And Gyms

Back in the day, accommodation was limited to dorm-like rooms, and the best description for the training facilities in the gym was old-fashioned. Exercise routines were normally pad work, long runs, and ads workouts with a medicine ball. But today, there’s a new crowd of people in Thailand, and the facilities have evolved to meet their tastes.

Since some people visit to lose a few pounds or try their hands at combat sports, you can find different types of fitness equipment. There is equipment for circuit training, CrossFit, weightlifting, yoga, and many others. In other words, everyone can find something suitable for their fitness goals.

But notable among these new additions to Thailand’s fitness industry is the facility called Unit 27. This is the first of its kind in the country, a complete conditioning facility for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re out of shape or looking to take your fitness to the next levels, there’s more than even room to train.

What to Pack

Packing for a fitness vacation can be challenging, but you don’t have to bring a lot. The essential items are your training gear. Bear in mind that Thailand is a tropical country, and your exercises will be in the heat. The country is also quite humid all year round. Therefore, your choice of clothing is vital. But it’s no big deal if you forget anything. You can buy almost anything locally.

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Why Thailand

A big part of why Thailand has become a haven for people looking for a fantastic experience that keeps them on a healthy track is the locale. Thailand has a long history of combat sports, notably Muay Thai. Thus, most people have a fitness-first mindset that’s focused on getting their body in peak condition. As such, the typical distractions and temptations that you will find at other vacation destinations are easier to overcome.

This allows you to concentrate on training, recovery, and diet. Streets are packed with juice bars that have an ample supply of protein shakes. The menus of restaurants in the city also don’t lack healthy options. What more? You don’t have to worry about traffic jams that could hinder you from reaching the gym on time. On the contrary, most well-known gyms are just a couple of minutes from the major hotels and resorts.

Think of any obstacle that prevented getting and staying in shape; they are no more when you get out on your fitness journey to Thailand. For those who want to guarantee success further, you can get a team in reserve accommodation, develop a customized meal plan, and a training program for you. The rest is up to you to put in the work, and you can expect results.


The days will be full of fun exercises designed to get you in shape and keep you looking fit. But after completing a day of touch training. You can chill out by the swimming pool, and there’s a wide variety of fun activities you can explore in Thailand. Whether you decide to take a quick trip to the white sand beaches or visit the jungles to see waterfalls, you won’t get bored on a fitness vacation in Thailand.

Remember to balance everything while on your trip because a fitness vacation cannot be solely about training and workout. Likewise, you can’t focus on the adventures, nightlife and cannot become the order of the day. If anything, you can rest assured that you’ll be among people who are also there with the same aim, making it easier to adjust.

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