Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.

How was your childhood?Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.

I had a hard time at my early ages. I was a daughter of a worker at a construction site. My dad was a bricklayer, and my mom was a carpenter. We didn’t have our own house but residing in a temporary shelter made of galvanized iron. We continuously move time to time according to my parents’ job.

When I was 5-6 years, I did everything a child could do to help my parents for example selling leftover nails, cement bags and A bit older, I started other skilled job like making desert for sale, washing dishes, cleaning toilet and so on. I had to do a lot to support our family because, at that time, we didn’t even have enough rice to eat.

What are you doing at the moment? I am a TV moderator, also a business owner for facial product-branded “Boon Rod”. I also provide a special face massage class for those who are interested.

What is your latest work? I recently a TV moderator for “Reung Lao Jak Chum Chun” (story from local community), channel 11, every Saturday 16.30, and “Club Love”, World Entertainment Program, Channel PSI 42, every Monday to Friday 19.00

How about your previous most successful works?

I have to say that I was very proud of myself as a TV producer of my own TV program “Hro Plik Chiwit”. This project presented lives of unfortunate people – who were still fighting for living, such as a blind guy who, bare hands, collects coconuts from its trees and sell for living or a limbless guy who opens a noodle shop, in order to motivate other who were experiencing difficulties in their lives and about to give up. We, then, provided help for those people who we projected their lives- to improve their living conditions the best we can. This was the master piece work that I was very proud of.

Do you still consider working in an entertainment industry?

I’m still enjoy working, I will play on a new drama soon.

What is an important qualification that a person needs to have to be able to stay strong in an Entertainment industry, in your opinion?

Punctuality is the first qualification you must have. During 23 years I have worked in the industry, I always before time. Honesty is as important as punctuality. Besides, humbleness is the third qualification you need to have. Having those three things within yourself, goodness will be coming to you.

Do you consider yourself a successful person in an entertainment industry?

For me, receiving an opportunity working in this industry is far beyond my expectation. I was a girl who was struggle for life and just want to work as much as I could to just earn some money for my parents. Today, I’m standing here, taking a position many people hope for, I think I already reach the highest point of my career for this industry.

What’s do you think about entertainment industry this recent day?

I would, honestly, say that I don’t feel good about newbies these day- not to mention their names. Many newbies join this industry either because they hungry for fame or they want to be spotted on- just to use the reputation or image for other purposes. Number of them become ‘Stars’ because of their parents’ backup- governor, millionaire, ex- TV star, but not their talent or skills. They have no respect for their profession, as I observe.

Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.How about your life goal?

I wish I could own a land and live my life according to the previous king’s wisdom. If I could, I would like to be an agriculturist- planting trees, growing veggies in my own farm. That’s my dream.

Have you even uncertain or hesitate about things you are and were doing?

No, I don’t. I always believe in what I am and were doing- no matter it’s going to be successful or fail. Just do it the best you can, without making any harm to other people.

 Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.Could you tell us more about your business?

I don’t actually want to call it a ‘business’ because the main idea is to provide know-how for those who are in need of the skills to start up their small job, to make their living. They don’t have to invest huge amount of money, all they need is patient and effort to learn and practice. I have been coaching this special massage course for almost 2 years, for 14 batches and received somewhat positive feedback from most participants, so the training will surely be continued further.

 Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.What is your motivation to start this course?

My motivation came during the time I produced my own TV program mentioned earlier “Hro Plik Chiwit”. I saw many people having a hard time starting up their business, so I think if there were any chance for those people to invest as little as possible. I have experimented the whole massage procedures by myself and found out that the result was impressive, so why not passing this knowledge to other people – and that came the idea of the training course.Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.

 Is there any serious obstacle?

Of course. Mostly about corruption/ cheating. It’s unavoidable. It happens in every organization, regardless of size. What’s matter is how you deal with it. I think of a problem as a challenge to compete.

And how do you get through it?

Find the source of the problem and fix it bit by bit. Eventually, you will overcome all the difficulties.Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.

What are you usually doing in your spare time ?

I mostly spend my free time going to temples, making good deeds and participating classes especially classes which are focus on nature and agriculture because it attracts my interest.

Are you married?

I’m not at the moment, but I do have the one I love.

 If you weren’t an actress, TV promoter or a business owner, what would you want to be?

I definitely want to be an agriculturist. I am certain that if we follow what our previous king have tough, we will be living happier.

Ubonwan Boonrod, Exclusive interview.

Any words for young generation ?

There are so many temptation these days, don’t be materialism- pay of things you need, not things you want, it is different between those two. Be generous and on top of everything, respect your parents.

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