Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look coz’ in others’ eyes, you look older than your real age!!

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

Have you ever met someone older at your work place but they still look younger than you? With a beautiful skin, radiant-glowing face and even firmer skin than those college students who sometimes almost forget who is older, those older people must have secret taking care of their skin as they keep it juvenile till nobody cannot even guess their real ages. Looking back at ourselves who often be called “a senior” despite our real ages that we might even be younger. With wrinkled gloomy skin, you cannot blame those who look at you ‘older’.

If you are one of them being called ‘older’, don’t let skin problems be the judges of your actual ages. From Olay’s research about beauty, it has been found that only 10% of women from the samples own juvenile face skin and look 10 years younger than their actual ages. This is because of more different and outstanding gene working system than other general people. However, young and healthy face wanted by all ladies doesn’t depend on genetic factors. It truly depends on how you treat you skin. For those who are not 1 out of that 10 don’t need to be worried as the true beauty is not hard to build. Here are Tricks and Tips for you to follow;

Try to eat clean more

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

It is hard to deny that eating clean is now getting more and more popular. Aside building up good health, more perfect and slimmer body, it can significantly help your face look more radiant, healthier and brighter. If any ladies want to get started on eating clean, they can start with easy menu but full of good vitamins for your skin like colorful vegetable and fruits salad. Then, the degree of “clean” can go up by changing from the regular meals to non-processed foods. You can be sure that the words like “bright radiant and young face” is not that far to reach.

Lying on back every nights brings back the firm face

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

One thing many women barely know is sleeping habit with the wrong positions can greatly affects firmness of facial complexion especially, lying on face downward which can cause wrinkle easily. The more you get older, the more collagen in skin layer get deteriorated. Therefore, lying with your face up can help your face skin look firmer and younger.

Too much exercise gets the old looks

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

Exercise is the good thing but too much of it may be in a risk of Runner’s Face which is the condition of too much exercise causing the huge amount of metabolism and the use of body fat. This can decrease the firmness on the face resulting in early wrinkle.

Nourishing your skin with the right skin cares

Tips & Trick: Make an immediate change for your younger look!

The most important thing to have bright and unwrinkled skin wanted and envied by many women is truly how you treat your skin right. No matter what type your skin is, one thing you cannot miss is good and suitable skin care products. Basic principle to consider is to look for skin care with the mixture of Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Penta-peptide (PAL-KTTKS) as they are to nourish and restore for the younger-looked skin accurately and effectively.

If any ladies try to follow Tricks and Tips suggested by Olay and, they are believed to have brighter, lighter and younger skin with no doubt that nobody can guess how old they actually are.


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