The phoenix rises

The phoenix rises

As an abstract expressionist artist, Chanida Aroonrungsi, better known as “Be Chanida” spends a lot of time on social media, especially on Instagram, in order to post photos of her paintings, keep up with work created by other artists and keep herself updated with art events.

Her favourite features on Instagram are Story and Reel. While editing her photos or video clips, Chanida noticed that she usually cropped original photos by using a 9:16 aspect ratio to fit with Story and Reel screen. This inspired the artist to title her current solo exhibition, “9:16”.

On display at Central The Original, the exhibition is set up to give off Instagram vibes. At the glass display at the entrance, the description of the exhibition with a profile photo of Chanida resembles a homepage on Instagram. Most of the paintings in the exhibition are 90x160cm which resemble the photo dimensions of those in Instagram Story and Reel. On a few walls, the painting series, Grid, was created in square images (50x50cm), which is the image shape that appears on Instagram homepage.

To resemble the oleophobic coating and smoothness of phone screens, almost all the “9:16” paintings are covered with epoxy resin. Since it was the first time that Chanida experimented with epoxy resin on her paintings, she experienced difficulties.

“I want to portray that there are many complexities in life, so I repeated the process several times by coating paintings with epoxy resin, repainting and coating with epoxy again. Therefore, viewers can see many layers clearly. When I coated epoxy resin on the first experimental painting, the result was fine because that piece was small. However, when I started working on true size paintings, stains appeared on the paintings because it was the rainy season and the weather was damp. To solve the problem, I had to keep my studio warm with spotlights and stored the paintings under covers,” said Chanida.

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