Thailand’s first monkeypox case in identified in Phuket tourist


Thailand has recorded its first case of monkeypox, the 71st country in the world during this recent outbreak, only the fourth since the start of the 21st century. The virus has only been endemic in a few Central African countries up to this stage.

The 27 year old man, who had been travelling from Nigeria, was confirmed with monkeypox after admitting with symptoms to a hospital in Phuket. He had been sick and starting to display classic monkeypox symptoms for about a week before arriving at an unnamed private hospital on the island.

Hi symptoms included a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and the skin lesions often associated with the monkeypox virus. He was tested initially with a PCR test before other tests then confirmed his status. Dr. Opus Karnkawinpong from the Centres of Disease control made the announcement on Thursday afternoon.

Yesterday it was also confirmed that Thailand had confirmed its first case of the latest Covid variant BA.2.75 in Trang province, although it also confirmed that the man had travelled from Phuket.

Around the world there are now 15,378 cases, only causing a concern because the virus was considered unlikely to spread outside local clusters because it has generally low transmissibility. Monkeypox is spread through direct contact or via bodily fluids and, in this current outbreak, has spread primarily amongst men who have sex with men.

source: thethaiger

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