Thailand averages a 20% Covid-19 infection rate over 40 days

Thailand averages a 20% Covid-19 infection rate over 40 days

FILE PHOTO: Covid-19 infection rates in Thailand are averaging 20%.

Following trends over the last 40 days, Thailand has seen an average of about a 20% infection rate for those tested for Covid-19. Looking at data from 288 authorised testing labs around Thailand (of 375 total) on just September 4, a total of 40,007 people were tested and 8,804 were confirmed to be infected with Covid-19. That equates to a 22% infection rate.

The Thai Medical Sciences Department shared figures that over the previous week, from August 29 to September 4, officials administered an average of about 48,000 Covid-19 tests per day. Of those tests, an average of 9,500 people tested positive for the Coronavirus each day, which creates an average of about 19.8% infection rate.

In comparison, by looking back to the entirety of Covid-19 tests done over the course of the entire year until September 4, a total of 12,575,261 people were tested across Thailand. And of those tested, 1,026,043 were found to be infected with Covid-19, which is an infection rate of just over 8% signalling a sharp increase in infection rates in recent weeks or months.The director of the emergency health hazards and diseases division reports that infection rates in Bangkok and its surrounding provinces are slowing, but the number still remain alarmingly high. With lockdown restrictions easing since September 1, officials are closely observing the infection rate in Bangkok and assessing the situation constantly.

August averaged 20,000 new infections each day, but the numbers have fallen since the start of September to closer to 15,000. Today’s daily figures reported 14,176 new infections with 228 Covid-19 deaths. 16,769 people recovered from Covid-19, continuing an encouraging trend of those recovering from the virus each day outnumbering those newly infected each day.

Vaccination programs are still making headway with 400,000 young students between 12 and 17 years old scheduled to begin receiving vaccines soon. Meanwhile, a program ending on Friday has vaccinated over 61,000 construction workers across 606 housing sites. Officials say that safety measures still must be strictly followed in these work sites or supervisors and owners may face charges.

SOURCE: Thai PBS World

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