Thai Fusion Style Sushi! Check it out at “Mhee Rai Kin Food & Feel”

Talking about FOOD, it is a kind of thing which can be innovated all the time without boundaries, Sanook Travel would like to bring you to try new innovation of sushi, never like before, it is a Thai/Japanese fusion food. The presentation is innovative from Mhee Rai Kin Food & Feel.

It is similar to Japanese sushi but the rice is bigger with 8 different toppings such as Grilled Brisket, Grilled Pork Shoulder, Fried Pork Belly, Fried Liver with Garlic, Spicy Liver Salad, Spicy Pork Salad, Fried Mackerel, and Climbing Wattle Omelette, each of them has its own sauce which is not only surprisingly presented but also tasty.

Each bite is huge and it goes very well with the sauce, the prices are also affordable. This shop located in Bangkok, it is not hard to find, check it out all the interesting choices in the menu!

Location: Mhee Rai Kin Food & Feel :245/13 Sampakorn Village, Soi Ramkamhaeng, Bangkok

Tel: +66 65 853 8848

Operate hours: 11.30-22.00 (closed every Monday)

Pricing: 1 sushi / THB 15.00-18.00 or 1 sushi set / 12 sushi THB 158.00


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