Thai fashion lover ‘Pear Pie’ !

Thai fashion lover ‘Pear Pie’

“Pearypie” or Pear Amata Chittasenee, hottest beauty guru of the moment a St. Martins graduate and regular makeup-artist at London’s Fashion week. Pearypie inspires Thai women with makeup and fashion that cannot be seen everyday on the streets of Bangkok. Her reviews revolve around makeup swatches, many of which use bold colors. While many of us might not be able to pull off her more ambitious makeup experiments, her gorgeous facial features allow her to effortlessly look good in combinations like blue lipstick and pink eyebrows.

In addition to her talent and ability to make up, she is also a fashion guru who always stands out of the crowd for her eyes-catching styles! 

Lately, Pearypie is very much interested in wearing ‘traditional Thai dress’. What we love about it is not only the beauty she presents through the outfits but also her make up style that perfectly fits the dress!


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