Tanin Panprapakij | I will forever be in the service of my King

        Thai millionaire donates 3 Rai-130 Square yards land located on Soi Sukhumvit 24 (the value offered at 700,000 Baht per Sqm. Or 6,000 Million Baht)

Tanin Panprapakij | I will forever be in the service of my King
     I am getting old now so, I am quitting everything and receiving money only from the rent of my businesses.

I have been recently turning to a serious merit making as I think I cannot take any of my money with me when I die.

I started off with the donation of the 3 Rai-130 Square yards land located on Soi Sukhumvit 24 (the value offered at 700,000 Baht per Sqm. Or 6,000 Million Baht) to build Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd. as the hospital to treat eyes problems and clean kidneys for the poor free of charge.

This land is not for sale to anyone. It is definitely the national property. Shocking!!

He loves King Bhumibol Adulyadej with all his heart and wants to the poor to have good health. The action is to receive the merit back in return and also heals the poor’s and the sick’s long sufferings. From the question that how much we can give out helps if there is a little money, they have said that the poor can help each other more than what the rich can do; the real energy of the poor is to be used but the rich spend their money to buy power. Sometimes that helps from the rich never reach the ones who are in need. Putting your energy into the real action is the first thing you should do before putting the money to help.

Let’s review Tanin Panprapa Kit’s mind who offered Sandalwood timber to build royal urns for Princess Srinagarindra and Princess Galyani Vadhana as well as pursues King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s steps by starting Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd. to cure cataract in the poor for free.

Loyalty means “self-sacrifice for common interest”; even though oneself is to suffer from any troubles, difficulties or even death, the actions occurred are the strong wills for the true benefits of the nation, religion and the king. Therefore, the true loyalty is the love for the country which is the popular motto said among the new generation, but rare action done among them as well.
Today, we will introduce you to Khun Tanin Panprapa Kit, the President of Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd., who has announced his royalty towards royal family and hopes to follow King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s step of “Sufficiency Economy”.
Appearing before King Bhumibol Adulyadej was the happiest moment in life.
How many times would that be for the ordinary people to meet King Bhumibol Adulyadej in person that closely? For Khun Tanin, it is not just a meeting in person that impressed him, “Thanks” from the King has created the happiest unforgettable moment. The delightful expression is shown on the face and in the eyes of 51 years-old man who is pointing at well-framed letter on the working room’s wall saying that “According to your wish to offer the Sandalwood timber to be used in royal funeral of Princess Srinagarindra, Bureau of the Royal Household; BRH has respectfully inform the King and he said Thanks Co.,Ltd. M.A.T. Import-Export…”

Khun Tanin mentioned about the source of such Sandalwood timber that it was when he went for a business trip in Burma and bought it with him to offer to the King. Then, he offered this wood again on the death of Princess of Naradhiwas or Galyani Vadhana and invited to build the royal urn for her majesty out of this wood as stated in another letter which gives him the pride even more.

Even though he himself never wants to review the good deeds he has done, it has creates people’s curiosity, especially in wanting to know how to become Tanin, the owner of Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd. and the founder of Free Cataract-Pterygium Surgery center for people at this time.

Khun Tanin graduated Vocational Certificate from Commercial College Silom and then went to study at the Faculty of Political Science Ramkhamhaeng University only for 9 credits. He felt that studying in school was just learning through books. He would be better off working so, he decided to resign from school and started the business with his friends; selling cars, motorbikes, leather and bone products, clothes including different kinds of tools aboard to many countries such as Japan, America, Laos, Kambidia, Vietnam, Singapore and China on the behalf of Co.,Ltd. M.A.T. Import-Export.

After that he was the consultant for President Park company and in charge of all buildings. Then, he formed Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd. for 3 years up until now to give Free Cataract-Pterygium Surgery center for people. The company name is to show determined ideology to be able to fix the mistakes from the past.
“We have been doing both the wrong and the right things in the past life or even now. I want you to see that during this time we are living out lives, there should be no classes, nationalities or religions divided and we should stick to the King. Thailand is a fine city to live and one peaceful land.

“my parents are here in Thailand and I was born here in this land. People may see me that I have dark skin but I believe that it is the earth color. What if I am not dark, how can I serve the country? There is a teaching saying that I should have born Taksin’s son because I might end up being rich but no, I will visit the people walking the same steps as the King walks. It doesn’t matter what my father is but I will go out and visit the poor in remote area. It is the good feeling in life. Today, I keep calling my life that I will give my life to Chakri dynasty, Tanin the slave of the land”.

Free Cataract-Pterygium Surgery center is from his last breath.

This center is from the faith in good deed and sin. On time he was almost killed by sniper attack. It was from one well-known couple sticking their own picture standing in front of Taj Mahal on the upper wall with Meenakshi-deity picture placed down below. He saw it as inappropriate thing to do so, he wrote this story in his book for people to acknowledge.
This issue has brought the anger upon the couple and the reason for snipe attack. He was shot by a gun man in front of his house in Silom. The bullet was in his head so, he was in ICU at Bangkok Christian Hospital for 45 days with 6 surgeries. “It was the time I saw so many deaths. The truth happened before my eyes that in a positive way, it was the happiness to not only lie down next to the love ones but with the ones that are expected to die. Not so many people lied down with the death-to-be like this. During the time in ICU, I heard people saying that I could be dead in half an hour but I made it alive. I considered it the luck and one good fortune.  If now I am asked if I am afraid of the death, there is no fear at all. So, I have come up with one code in life that I will feel no anger over my fate, I have no pity over the time spent as I have nothing to lose”.

For this reason, for the life he has left, he wants to give something in return to the country by setting up Free Cataract-Pterygium Surgery center for poor people. That day in the hospital I thought of how I could pay back to the country if I had made myself out alive. If I just had lived a happy life with someone doing nothing, would I be called an ungrateful person? What if I had lived in this land without giving hands to help or with the money earned from this land, would I be called a tyrant? A life that was closed to death makes me realize humanity and the favor in return to the country.

Once the idea of setting up the center closed to the reality, Khun Tanin went for an advice from Dr. Witit Artavatkun, M.D., the director of Banphaeo Hospital. Even though the Dr. double checked his certainty because of the huge amount of money, he was so sure he could make it happen.

“After the consulting, he ordered the equipment for eyes surgery from foreign countries and spent ten millions Baht for mobile Surgery Suites. All money spent for equipment were my own saving. I want to provide helps to the poor or Thai people as a charity fund for the King”.
Then, he arranged medical team from Banphaeo Hospital to visit Ban Pong District, Ratchaburi Province. There were 200 patients waiting for a treatment. After all surgeries were compltetly done and the patients were able to see gain, they were crying with happiness and gratefully giving hugs.

Tanin Panprapakij | I will forever be in the service of my King

For the last 3 years, the center has been curing approximately 600,000 patients with Cataract problems and in 2006, 100,000 patients with no treatment.
If you ask Khun Tanin weather he is tired, he would say “Not at all”. Even though he has less energy than some others or less money than some other rich, he believes that his spirit is much bigger than some other rich in the country.

For those who want to get free treatment, please contact Banphaeo Hospital and Mr. Chusak Keawsuriaram, Tad Kong Pan Din Co., Ltd. Pra Mahagarunatikhun Building No.98 Sukhumvit 24 Sukhumvit Rd. Khwaeng Khlong Tan, Khet Khlong Toei, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10110. More information at 02-2629454-5,02-2618213-7 and operation hours Monday-Friday 08.00-17.00

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