‘Ta’ Rarin Thongma | Founder of O&B

‘We should not be afraid of a change, instead we must learn to make a change.’

We never know when we will find our own path. Before discovering such successful path, failure always comes first. It depends on us to be ready to face and learn how to adapt our lives. Who would think that just a passion and a dream of one ordinary girl can create a huge business which is being acceptable in the field within 3 years.

Khun Ta- Miss Rarin Thongma who has moved on from the designer to become business owner and the founder of O&B which is currently well-known in online world. It is guaranteed by the circulation reaching million Baht per day. She has aimed to take her own business as far as international level.

‘Ta’ Rarin Thongma | Founder of O&B

It is to turn the most basic and closest thing to something that can make the most money in life.  

As a young business owner, what was your thinking back then when you were younger?

She started out as a designer and then she had a dream of owning her own business. Back then she didn’t think of making her business a big deal or earning a whole lot of money. No matter how big or small, such business is her own baby. Passion is one thing she believe that all business owners must have as customers can actually feel the owners’ intention and care towards their products and services. If they aren’t proud of or in love with what they do, how they can hope for somebody else to like their products.

What was the beginning of all soft ballet shoes in 50 color shades which are admired by all ladies?

Q&B actually started with selling bags where its business went quite well. However, Khun Ta started to notice the opportunity to push forward the ballet shoes as new Star Products. Khun Ta’s decision to make a change that day has pushed O&B business to reach 100 million Baht. Her inspiration was truly from her own favorite pair of ballet shoes since university which is also getting tender. She found out that this kind of shoes is ladies’ favorite of all time as they are comfy enough for them to wear for a long time. Her passion of wanting to make the best shoes is the motivation to move O&B forward.

We haven’t thought that much about making shoes in 50 color shades. We haven’t even thought of stocking or anything. We have made the same design of shoes for 50 color shades because we want ladies to feel excited and elegant so they can make these ballet shoes the main signature collection of O&B.

‘Ta’ Rarin Thongma | Founder of O&B

Today with circulation reaching 100 Million Baht, what is your success?

This success is not that smoothly beautiful along the way. There have been surely the problems and obstacles. As she has a whole bunch of passion in her working, she seem to not afraid of anything. Problems occurred is the normal thing for her and they will be eventually solved.  The most important thing is to dare to make a change in order to catch up with the world and the new trend. When something new happens, the adaptation should always be made as the speed is counted in online business world.

Khun Ta has never been scared of any problems awaiting ahead because she can eventually adjust her point of view and her consciousness is always wild awake for any kind of problem.

It reflects the fact that new generation’s way of life is to always be ready to adjust and change. For business to grow and move forward, learning to adjust working style to be more suitable is also necessary; like selling products online or without the actual shop fronts. At present, she owns the Showroom where customers can actually see the real products and experience 3D. This is a part to help her business grow incredibly.

‘Ta’ Rarin Thongma | Founder of O&B

What is the area for your success?

Khun Ta started her first office from a small room sized 3×3 Square Meter under her bag factory. The whole area was used as working space and shop front. When business starts to grow more, she needs to take working space issue seriously. Khun Ta has discovered that if you aim to place your brand internationally, where you live and where you work need to be appropriate; the environment needs to be set the same way other leading brands do. She believes that the area and environment outside are connected to mental condition and affect the creation of inspiration to build a piece of work or products. Khun Ta believes that her favorite area is the area that makes her never want to leave. The right area is the space where you can manage according to your own need. Her favorite area at the moment turns to be her own working room at home and her easily-adjusted floating furniture.

‘I am proud of this succeed but there are many more things that I still want to do to bring O&B to full scale international market’

credit: platformofsuccess.com

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