“Sookwan Boongul- Celeb Blog” reaches extraordinarily high viewing rate

“Sookwan Boongul- Celeb Blog” reaches extraordinarily high viewing rate

“Sookwan Boongul- Celeb Blog” reaches extraordinarily high viewing rate

“Sookwan Boongul”, who decided to make video content with Praew Magazine, has reached incredible viewing statistics. With all the compliments and high frequency shares on social media, her videos have gone viral and reached up to 349k shares within 3 days. This is not just exciting, but also a significant case study of the blogging industry.

According to a primary survey, “Sookwan’s” 8 hottest videos on YouTube all featured by herself. Some of her videos were shared with Vogue Magazine. Her top 5 chart videos were produced with Praew Magazine and the most viewed video is ‘Sookwan shopathon’ (shopping marathon), a prize giveaway on New Year (Available on YouTube as- สู่ขวญั พาชอ้ปมาราธอน ซ้ือจริงแจกจริง!รับปีใหม่). This reached 543k views within 4 weeks. The second most popular video ‘Chaomaepbaija’, with “Sookwan” showing all the best discounted sale items available (on YouTube as- เจ้าแม่ป้ายยา ‘สู่ขวญั ’ พาพุ่งชนของ Sale! มาเช็คของกัน), has reached 349k views within 3 days.

“Sookwan Boongul- Celeb Blog” reaches extraordinarily high viewing rate

Apart from those, her other videos got up to 200k views in 1 month or even 1 week. The content of the videos was produced in no time after “Sookwan” was given a position to work with Praew in the Celeb Blog column in March last year. But all of those videos were still not as hot as the other video which reached a very high number of views. Her videos got ranked 6th from Praew Magazine’s channel and even overtook the other video on the channel which got 300K views within 3 years. For Praew to gain popularity in their videos, it took 3-5 years. But what happened? The answer is, a behind-the-scenes video is not what Thai people want to see, instead “Sookwan’s” natural and charming personality that cough the audiences’ attention. As a result, people want to share her videos and makes all the lady want to continue watching.

Today, the name “Sookwan Boongul” has increased on Google search by 190% and at the same time, people admire her as she is known for her phrases such as “Cuteeee!!”, “This one is also cute”, “I think… this is pretty”, “I think this plate is beautiful”, “We must have…”, “Oh this is adorable”, and “We should calm down…but this is something we should have”. All these phrases got people to smile and the comments stated that the videos are joyous and not dull.

“Sookwan Boongul- Celeb Blog” reaches extraordinarily high viewing rate

In summary, the mixture of her personality is what the influencer industry is looking for. Your true self is more important than anything else.

Most importantly, being real “Sookwan” draws society acceptance. Although she is turning 45 years old, as well as a mother of one child but she still looks really young.

She was a queen of Faculty of Communication Arts at Chulalongkorn University. And not just that, her husband is “Chok Boongun”, who inherited the milk farm called “ChokChai” so she had also been given an alias as “Madam ChokChai”

All of these guarantee that “Sookwan” will be the leading influencer in Thailand for the meantime.

Credit: thumbsup.in.th

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