See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”

See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”

See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”

See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”Happy Love month with Siam Scope Magazine’ s February 2018 Issue, We would like to introduce you to the hottest young generations of our times Kit, Kanachai Bencharongkul,  an artistic photographer, who proves his artistic side as being one of the greatest photographers in Thailand and around Asia with his awesome portfolios.. Here how it all started … 

When was the first time you discovered that you like taking photos?

I have always carried a camera around since I was little. My first camera was the disposable Kodak camera. Then my father gave me my first DSLR when I was 17 and I started taking photos on family trips and forcing my family to dress up and did a fashion shoot everywhere we go.

Do you have any suggestions on becoming an effective photographer? 

I’d say practice makes perfect. Although nothing is ever perfect in my opinion, there are always room for improvement. Finding your own style is also a key to becoming a successful photographer.

How does your family give a support on this?

They are fully supportive of me pursuing a career in art. I think I have proven to them that I am actually quite good at this and most importantly very passionate about it.

How does Architectural Association degree from London help support you on the photography career path?

I think Architecture school trained you to think and work your brain in so many ways. Also it trained your eyes to look at very little details and see what could come out of a space. That’s why I like to take photos on locations, capturing the subject with a setting or a landscape and play with the correlation between them.

See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”

 I have seen many of your works like photography for charity, brand name products or model shooting, do you have any particular photography works of yours that you like the most?

Fashion photography has always been my favourite. I think it lets your imagination go wild and use your creativity to produce a beautiful image. You also get to work with new people and capturing each and every one of my models had been a unique experience in itself.

Have you received any rewards regarding photography works?

I was given the “Stand with refugees” award from the UNHCR last year for my photographs and work I did with the UNHCR Thailand team to raise funds and awareness for refugees. It was an eye-opening experience as it is completely different to taking photos of models. Seeing the refugees in their camps, I just felt the need to tell their true stories through my photographs.

I have heard that you like to travel, how often do you travel and do you think these travels have an effects in anyway on your photography?

I try to do a trip at least twice a year to explore new places and cultures. Last year I went to Kenya for the first time and I just couldn’t put my camera away as everything was so photogenic and it was so amazing to be able to take pictures of the animals. I mean you can just sit there for hours, just looking at a lion resting on a tree.

Which kind of travel do you prefer? With friends and family or solo?

I would say it is always nice to have company, so you can enjoy the moment together and explore the city/ go out and eat. I’ve done some trips by myself, which is sometimes good in a sense that you can do everything in your own pace but it can get lonely sometimes.

Since you have load of things to do, how do you manage to keep yourself healthy?

I exercise 4-5 times a week and keep a good balanced diet. I cook a lot as well and take packed lunches with me to work. That way you can really control what you eat and it’s totally healthy.

Since you are considered as one of the most well-known photographer in Thailand, do you think photography will go on as your main career or do you have some other businesses in mind?

I think I will always be taking photos no matter what. However, I would also like to pursue a career in films as a director. I’ve already started doing short fashion films, which I directed. At the same, I am now also working as a managing director at MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) which is my family’s business.

Lastly, do you have any inspirational saying for new photographers who want to become as successful as you are?

It’s not always a good thing to be able to take any kind of photos and any style of photos because then you become generic and you won’t stand out from the rest of the people that are also doing the same thing. Stay true to who you are and be clear of your style. Also really get know your market in the industry.

See the world through the lens “Kit Kanachai Bencharongkul”


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