“See Doctor Now”- see your doctor via Live Video Call and get well by just one click!

“See Doctor Now”- see your doctor via Live Video Call and get well by just one click!

How long does it take for you to wait to see a doctor? Today I have an application that helps save time and the initial consultation. It is called “See Doctor Now”.

“See Doctor Now”- see your doctor via Live Video Call and get well by just one click!

See Doctor Now is the latest medical application. It is a combination of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, psychologists and practitioners from a variety of fields who have direct experience in patient care, have a valid legal professional license and medical record access.

The focus is to take care of those who want to talk or consult regarding an expected illness, or for those that already are ill, but not severely so. Medical records indicate that 71% of patients do not feel the need to go see a doctor directly at the hospital. This is an application therefore aimed to help this group of patients talk via live video call, no matter where they are.

There are 3 pieces of advice that See Doctor Now will mainly give:

  • A consultation on physical and mental health. Suitable for mothers and young children, working age or elderly.
  • ‘Second Opinion’ provides counseling and advice for patients with cancer, cardiac x-rays, genetic based surgery, and help for immunity-based disease. This is relevant to patients receiving special treatment.
  • Counseling about illness or the symptoms from illness.

“See Doctor Now”- see your doctor via Live Video Call and get well by just one click!

So, See Doctor Now enables you to feel much closer to your doctor. What is good about this is that you do not have to waste time or money traveling to a hospital. You can ask as many questions as you want and more importantly with less expense. All you have to do is download the See Doctor Now app and start saving both time and money.

But this does not mean there are no bad sides to this application. Firstly, the connection might be sometimes unstable and make your experience with a doctor unpleasant. If you are in bad condition, you should immediately go to a hospital- treating via this application would not provide any benefits.  Additionally, you cannot get social security to pay for your treatment and the doctor cannot provide you a sick note.

“See Doctor Now”- see your doctor via Live Video Call and get well by just one click!

Now that you know the good and bad sides to the application, let’s see how it works. In the beginning you will have to fill in your information including your illnesses and then a nurse will ask you more about your conditions. You will then be connected to the right doctor according to your illnesses and conditions. If the doctor is in a call with another patient, the nurse will rearrange your call with the doctor. In comparison to when you go to hospital, you would have to stay there until it’s your time in the queue. Using this application can tell you the exact time for each call and you can still spend your time doing other stuff while waiting for your doctor. This is much more convenient.

After getting a consultation from an expert physician, See Doctor Now will keep your medical history and send your results to you. You can save it and see it any time you want. Finally, you may wonder if this is free or not. Not going to lie, it does cost 490 Baht for 10 minutes and after that, each minute costs 49 Baht. You can try to think how much it will cost for you to drive and pay for fuel, and how long it will take for you to see a doctor just to talk for a few minutes. You might waste half of your day, and the money you pay for the consultation with a doctor might not be worth it. But with the application, you can pay with credit/debit card or just transfer the money. Here is the way to your consultant https://www.seedoctornow.com/howitwork/

We are in the generation where technology can be adapted and used in a beneficial way. And if See Doctor Now meets the rhythm of your life then try new things, it may help to make your life better and more convenient.

Credit: praew.com

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