SC21- 21st century cellular medicines specialists

SC21- 21st century cellular medicines specialists

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Although stem cells are known to work wonders, there is still a lot of misunderstanding about what they are, what they do, and how they work.

The good news is that StemCells21 can clear everything up for you. SC21 produces all of its cellular medications in-house, and all of its treatments are performed at its cutting-edge medical centre in Bangkok. It’s a one-stop shop that adheres to high-quality standards.

This company will be on display at the Thailand International Boat Show, which will be hosted at Royal Phuket Marina from January 6 to 9 next year. Staff from StemCells21 will be on hand to walk you through the producers, pricing, and techniques.

StemCells21’s laboratory is a full-scale culture & analysis laboratory specialising in the production & treatment of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (StemCells21), and Natural Killer Cells (ImmuneCells21). It has also launched a new generation of regenerative medicine called Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC21), which hold great potential for impacting chronic diseases in the quest for anti-ageing.

The lab has seven scientists & stem cell researchers, a couple of who have worked with Professor Shinya Yamanaka, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012 for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent (iPS cells).

SC21- 21st century cellular medicines specialists | News by Thaiger

Photo Via: Stemcells 21

Before StemCells21 was created, Managing Director Paul Collier and co-founder Sergei Dmitrievs experienced the power of stem cells— either first hand or through the treatment of someone close to them. They knew that stem cells could deliver positive health results, and also knew stem cell treatments—and the clinics that administered them—had room for improvement.

After deep laboratory investigation, they came to see that most clinics utilised relatively low-quality stem cells and incomplete treatments. While these clinics could deliver a certain level of positive results, they were only scratching the surface of the promise that stem cell treatments could deliver.

Furthermore, the clinics themselves frequently provided a less-than-ideal patient experience. Clinics were generally hectic, unprofessional, and unwelcoming. Patients were often administered a single treatment and sent on their way, unsure if they had experienced an efficacious treatment or if they had travelled and paid for nothing.

StemCells21 was created to offer superior results and give you a welcoming experience. It was set up to provide the global community with access to treatments that few people are aware of, and to offer health benefits that are superior to what most people ever imagined were possible.

The SC21 complex in Bangkok houses the StemCells21, ImmuneCells21, and IPS21 laboratories, as well as the premium 5* IntelliHealth+ (IH+) Clinic.

IntelliHealth+ is a state-of-the-art medical centre licensed by the Thai medical authorities. The luxurious design, efficient workflow layouts, and modern treatments make it the ideal choice for customers seeking a premium level of healthcare in 5* settings.

The centre treats patients from all over the world and has staff who speak fluent English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Thai and Spanish.

Furthermore, SC21’s come from all corners of the globe for these cutting edge treatments. Many VIPs travel to the clinic including presidents, prime ministers, sports stars, football managers, bank owners and heads of major corporations, many of whom return every six to twelve months and have been doing so for years.

Recently, SC21 treated a ten-year-old British boy who had Ewing sarcoma develop in his arm, which then spread to other areas. He had tried every treatment option in the UK. His trip and treatment were sponsored by UK football teams and the public. Since he started treatment he’s put on weight, he’s vibrant, and his demeanour has totally changed. Various tests and scans have shown he is responding very well to the immunotherapy course and will perform another round in a few months time.

SC21 focuses on three main areas: anti-ageing and longevity; orthopaedic and muscular-skeletal issues (knee, hip, back & shoulder); and chronic diseases (diabetes, liver cirrhosis, lung, respiratory, hearing & vision disorders). Aside from that, the clinic can also help with chronic fatigue and burn-out syndrome.

Outpatient services for anti-ageing, immunotherapy and regenerative medicine are available at the centre. The anti-ageing clinic has a cutting-edge approach to skin rejuvenation, dermatology, detoxification, and wellbeing. A youthful appearance, more energy, improved mental capacity and mobility, reduced aches and pains, and a stronger immune system are among the benefits.

SC21- 21st century cellular medicines specialists | News by Thaiger

Photo Via: Stemcells 21

The high level of traditional medicine and the unique protocols designed by the IH+ teams give patients real therapeutic benefits and longevity.

According to Paul Collier, a client typically receives two sessions of stem cell injections during a treatment – intravenous for systemic and local to the target – and is required to stay in Bangkok for two days following their procedure to monitor any complications that may arise. Then they’re given a two-month take-home kit that comprises self-administered injections (similar to insulin) that target specific growth factors in organs or tissues that need to be repaired. These can also be taken orally, but they are less effective.

He goes on to say that stem cells are the foundation of the human body. They split over and over to produce humans from an embryo at the start of our lives. They restore cells in your blood, bone, skin, and organs throughout your life to keep you alive and functioning. Stem cells have two distinct properties that distinguish them from other types of cells in our bodies.

First, they can self-renew (mitosis), which is a stage of the cell cycle in which replicated chromosomes are divided into two new nuclei. As a result, identical duplicated cells are produced.

Secondly, they have the ability to differentiate into specialized cells such as cartilage, heart cells, liver cells, and neurons. No other cell in the body has the natural ability to generate new cell types.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) are at the core of StemCells21’s regenerative programs. They are multipotent stem cells derived from various adult and fetal tissues. A large number of studies have shown the beneficial effects of MSC-based therapies to treat different pathologies, including neurological disorders, cardiac ischemia, diabetes, and bone and cartilage diseases.

StemCells21 also has arthritis treatment, which reduces inflammation & joint pain, increases cartilage growth, improves mobility & joint stability and lessens dependence on medication. The clinic’s degenerative spine treatments help discs regenerate and stabilize the spine.

On top of that, it provides lung & liver disease treatment as well as treatments for autism, cerebral palsy, diabetes, motor neuron disease, multiple sclerosis and immune disorders.

There’s even eye treatment, which reduces blurred vision & field of vision defects, improves night vision & enhances colour texture.

SC21- 21st century cellular medicines specialists | News by Thaiger

Photo Via: Stemcells 21

SC21 can even help with certain types of cancer by taking a client’s blood and growing their natural killer cells (immunotherapy) over a 21-day period. Through various stimuli, their cytotoxicity is increased which kills cancer and virally-affected cells.

Paul says stem cell therapy should be looked at before undergoing any kind of invasive surgery. “The type of medicine should certainly be an intervention before surgery. If you are looking at knee replacement, why not consider an injection of a biologic that would only take a couple of days and has the potential to remodel the cartilage, because once you perform surgery there is no going back.”

SC21 also produces a wide range of stem-cell extract-based cosmetics and nutritional supplements, which are available at their medical centres and online under the brand SC21 Biotech.

The Thailand International Boat Show will feature Paul Collier and his team. They’ll be able to answer any of your questions about the cost, procedure, and treatment. On top of that, they will also assist you in educating yourself and managing your expectations so that you do not expect more than stem cell therapy can provide. If you want to get treatment, they will also provide you with a complete report on all treatments. SC21 is fully compliant with international regulations and guidelines.

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