‘Roos 1835’ debut 4 new collections and tricks to choose accessories that strengthen your personality

‘Roos 1835’ debut 4 new collections and tricks to choose accessories that strengthen your personality

Jewelry from ‘Roos 1835’ by Chonlada Chaisuparakul, Deputy Managing Direct of Market Access Company has debuted the latest 4 new collections under the names Taille Roos, Typical Roos, Timeless Roos, and Moondrops.

We have invited 3 successful celebrities including working woman, Nacha Jeongkankul (dried fruit business owner), Tawanna Tara (designer) and Kanittha Darunet (designer and clothing brand owner) to tell us how to choose accessories that match with your own personality.

Ms. Chonlada discusses the prominent point of the brand ‘Roos 1835’ and how this is an appropriate design for young Thai ladies. She says:

“What is interesting about this brand is the ideas of the designers and how they care about the design of the accessories and cut them delicately to make each accessory elegant and easy to wear because of the various modern designs available. This allows young ladies to feel free in their way of dress and have both an outstanding and different look every day. And perhaps more importantly, at an affordable price.”

‘Roos 1835’ debut 4 new collections and tricks to choose accessories that strengthen your personality

Celebrities talk about how to choose accessories that will improve your personality and the many ways on how to accomplish in life.  

Starting from a working woman who is accomplished in business right now, ‘Nacha Jeongkankul’ says:

“What important in doing business is being confident enough to express and assure customers to believe in me and my brand. Besides confidence, outside personality and how we look has to be good as well. For all women, one thing which helps to create your image and confidence is jewelry. A good item of jewelry is the one that can be worn any time, whether it is a day or night event. I personally like diamond- it is luxurious but also simple, and I choose it from a long-time famous brand because this will guarantee the standard and quality of the gem.”

The next person, Tawanna Tara, both a mother and a designer says:

“Because having to raise a daughter on my own and work at the same time. When I have to choose accessories for work I like to wear ones that are slick but also outstanding and look good with every dress, every time I wear them. I also look at the brand because every brand has its own character. I like the brands with good standard and quality so that they are worth paying for and keeping for my daughter in the future”

The last person is a social designer, ‘Kanittha Darunet’. She says:

“When I go to events, the first thing that I take into consideration is respecting the host. Therefore, I have to make sure that my hair, dress, and accessories match with theme and is appropriate. Personally, I always wear a ring because it makes me feel more confident when I have to speak to people. If I have to go to an event that day, I will wear more accessories to look more special and elegant. For example, if I wear a simple dress, I will wear an unusual necklace to increase my charm or I will tie my hair back and wear earrings instead. For good accessories, we should look at the quality first.”

Improve your personality and become more complete with accessories from Roos 1835 today, available at The Emporium, Central Plaza Chidlom, and Siam Paragon shopping centers. Most importantly, every piece of our work has 100% LIFE TIME WARANTEE to ensure our customers quality.

Credit: praew.com

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