Rompboy’ with the work of punctiliousness representing Bu’s style

Rompboy’ with the work of punctiliousness representing Bu’s style, the bass player from Slur and at the day he dares to challenge the best foreign brand.

The best of Rompboy

You might have known “Bu Slur” for another characteristic long time ago but; today if you search for “Bu Rompboy” in Google, you will definitely find many results relating to his business on shoes and clothes he has been created by his own hands.

In seemingly-fun image, he told us the story of both his struggling and harvesting from its beauty. However, he has become one of the young artist icons who have successfully started their own fashion brand. Bu told us that the feeling now is the exact feeling he has his first shirt and pair of shoes sold. Every feeling stays the same because he feels as excited as always when he gets to see people wearing Rompboy and the new project is launched. Everybody gets to believe that thinking has been through several times and the detail is chosen carefully and differently from others.

The chosen menu.

Last year, there have been quite a number of competitors in shoes. As I have seen in Facebook with sponsor, how to boost posts and how to sell of these competitors, I can tell that they obviously aim to the same market target; all these customers are the customers to my brand. It is like I have opened up my card for them to follow my step.

I am not worried about this so, they can do whatever. I am sure that I am second to no one because of my punctiliousness. It is because I personally madly in love with shoes; I collect them and buy a whole bunch of them. When it is time to take action, I will do what I think it is cool enough for people’s passion to wear them. It is the clear purpose that this is what shoes collector will do, not shoes maker will do”.

For the next step of Rompboy, Bu told us that the focus is more on Limited and the next generation of shoes from now on will be different depending on each cooperation with other brands.

The inspiration to start the business

From bass player of independence music band, who could have known that he has always shown the serious looks every time he has spoken about business direction; the conversation about economic direction in year 2018 and environmental factors affecting liquidity in purchasing. All these words have come out of his mouth like he is one of entrepreneurs we’ve talked to.

Bu told us that he has always read business articles every time he has a chance as well as watching the video clips of successful business start-up.

“I think I am into business more. It is true that I used my instinct to create Rompboy because I had no idea about it. However, I am being more detailed about it; I have noticed that business also involves the right moment. Personally, talking about business is fun and it helps me to get new ideas”.

The leader of Rompboy

Many people think that Rampboy is Bu Slur but, no. There actually is a team in the name of Rampboy (Thailand) Ltd., with team behind the scene like Corporate Identity to keep the color tone on track for different projects, graphic designers, designers as well as clothes, hats and trousers makers and coordinators who are in charge of transferring detailed information to workers.

Besides, there is also Admin Page to answer customers’ main questions. This is about it except when there is the special project that we need special helps from freelancers. It depends on who would suit each project.

“When starting a new project, I always think about it all the time like breath in-out for it. It has been like that until now that there are wider group of people wearing Rampboy”.

Before, Rampboy was just a tiny boy walking in Jatujak Park or Siam center, listening to Indy songs and buying cheap clothes. Now, we have produced more different products and spread to various groups. However, we still play safe for affordable prices or for women to dress simple boyish but detailed style”.

“I believe that we have reached one level that we can place our products equally to other foreign brands; not being ashamed or afraid. Don’t judge that why Thai brand shoes are on sale at a high price because you never know that 50% I have sold did not make any profit in return. I have been truly careful with the products and there is no way we do the work perfunctorily. It is like the shoes you are wearing to walk with your friends which are in similar style. I am certain that Rampboy shoes are second to none”.


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