Rasami British International School

RBIS provides an exceptional ‘all through’ education from toddlers taking their first steps, to young adults entering university.

At the heart of the RBIS educational philosophy is a sound understanding of how each individual pupil learns best. Our broad academic curriculum equips RBIS pupils to think critically and they are encouraged to excel throughout their educational journey.

Rasami British International School

Our extended curriculum provides excellent opportunities for personal development.

‘We pride ourselves on caring for the individual by emphasising personal development, academic excellence and sound preparations for a global future.
We promote academic achievement within respectful and caring atmosphere where traditional standards are valued. 

Rasami British International School
We help students develop their character through a wide range of educational pursuits and extra-curricular activities, whilst nurturing their personal qualities and self-esteem at every opportunity.
Our commitment to these priorities help students become well-balanced, happy and interesting people who are a pleasure to meet and know.
Our hope is that they will become successful and considerate leaders that can contribute to a better world’

‘The personal development of students is outstanding. Highly positive relationships between students and their teachers support students’ excellent personal development’

Rasami British International School


In Thailand:+662-644-5291-2

Email: admissions@rbis.ac.th



Facebook: RBIS.School

Credit: .rbis.ac.th

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