PTT (Petroleum Authority of Thailand) is about to cancel 7-11 Franchise contract in all its stations

“PTT (Petroleum Authority of Thailand) is about to cancel 7-11 Franchise contract in all its stations”.

Miss Jiraporn Khaosa Ad, managing director of PTT Retail Management Company Limited or (PTTRM) revealed that “7-11” business cooperation contract renewal with CP ALL in all PTT Life Stations is being under consideration by PTT. At present, there are about 1,100 7-11 shops opening for business and their contracts will be expired within 6 months. Strength potential of 149 “Jiffy” convenience stores located in PTT Life Stations and 6 of them located outside are also being assessed.

“Within 2-3 years, the conclusion must be clearly made if PTT will extend 7-11 franchise contract. The number of customers and income will be mainly considered including the availability of “Jiffy” convenience store where its brands’ strength is being speeded up and expected to be more ready within the next 6 years”. Miss Jiraporn also stated that in the next 5 years, PTT is planning to open 30 PTT Life Stations where each station will be located on the area of 67 Rai. Most convenience stores will be “Jiffy” as the area for each station is more than 4 Rai and can be shared to build such a store for more than 279 Square meters. Moreover, PTT’s franchise contract with 7-11 is already off. “Jiffy” convenience stores will mainly focus on ready-to-cook food at 70% which has been changed from the previous ratio at 30-40% in order to respond more to customers’ needs”.


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