Pheu Thai’s promise to hike wages under fire

Pheu Thai’s promise to hike wages under fire

The Pheu Thai Party kicked off its election campaign on Tuesday with promises of lifting the daily minimum wage to 600 baht and the minimum monthly salary for those with a bachelor’s degree to 25,000 baht.

The party’s wage rise promise attracted criticisms from Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and university academics.

They may be too ambitious, said Gen Prayut while adding that the lifting of the minimum daily wage to 600 baht was easier said than done. Future ramifications must be considered in formulating a policy, he said.

Pushing up the wage is a matter to be vetted by the tripartite committee made up of workers, employers, and the state. There are also investors to listen to, who might not be able to afford the hike, the PM said.

In reality, many skilled workers are being paid more than 600 baht a day now, Gen Prayut said, adding that policy should focus on the new labour environment and challenges where workers work alongside machinery and the promotion of high-revenue industries.

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