A perfect match from CU, Toon-Koy with love all around and the world is painted in pink!

A perfect match from CU, Toon-Koy with love all around and the world is painted in pink!

It has been 72 years for Chula–Thammasat Traditional Football Match to be held. The atmosphere was still as exciting as usual for this year including the atmosphere of parade and cheering team performing card stunt on grandstand. Besides the current students, many alumni from both universities attended this event. What surprised was CU students wearing masks of well-known rocker, Toon Bodyslam unitedly while on the grandstand, the cards were changed to the picture of Toon-Koy together. Then, there was the appearance of popular couple graduated from CU, Toon Bodyslam or Artiwara Kongmalai graduated from Faculty of Law and his girlfriend, Koy-Rachwin Wongviriya graduated from Faculty of Communication Arts with all crowd in Supachalasai Stadium loudly cheering. The couple waving at the crowd, the students from both universities, has greatly created the impressive moment.

Even though they went to the same university; they never actually met, Koy told the story through her private Instagram. It is because her boyfriend is 5 years older than her. She believes that her heart and her boyfriend’s heart are having the same love for university, the loving university with pink color as a symbol.

After having done good deed for the country, they were holding hands to serve their beloved university. The couple have always set the good example and they truly deserve people’s loves.

Credit: praew.com

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