“Peck-Palitchoke” shows charming-cool fashionista style in L.A.

“Peck-Palitchoke” shows charming-cool fashionista style in L.A.

Hi girls! This should be the start of your working week. This time of the year in Thailand is quite gloomy because of the rain almost every day. This is totally opposite to the other side of the world which is way too bright because of hot singer like Peck-Palitchoke’s visit. He and the owner of the sweet voice, Oat-Pramote, will join together at the Peck-Oat Knock Out Concert which will be very much entertaining for the fans in L.A.

This event brings joy to his fans who joyfully wait to pick him up at the airport. Nuch in Thailand can be sure to relax as he will never be lonely out here in L.A. He is in good hands of Nuch in USA with all full function of food supplies. He is teased not to return to Thailand if there is no weight gained. It is so cute of all these jokes made.

It is so certain that Peck as a fashionista in L.A. will never let all Nuch down. Just a picture of him in a yellow jacket come out at night can definitely melt all Nuch’s hearts all day and night. With his bare face and wet hair, knowing that he just come out of the shower, plus colorful clothes suitable for Monday, it is obvious that your heart will melt just for a glance. The picture is full of gentleness and He is so hot!

It is such a cool fashion. If you really take a look at his look, you will notice that what he has choosen to wear just come out right. Something with no sign of the right match can eventually be matched by his choice. This is the same thing to his fashion in L.A city. Preaw.com like us can hardly control our minds because of such a cool bright look. Plus, he can obviously bring out his handsome American-boy style. This is so overjoyed!!

Credit praew.com

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