Pattaya to ‘officially’ reopen floating restaurants and water activities

Pattaya to ‘officially’ reopen floating restaurants and water activities

The Pattaya Marine Committee has held a meeting with representatives from local marine business to discuss legally reopening floating restaurants and other water activity services, like jet ski and parasailing. The committee unofficially agreed on the reopening plans but insists restaurants offer only traditional Thai shows at this stage – no parties, no dancers.

The Pattaya News reported that some of the marine-based businesses had opened unofficially and illegally for a while. Some of the floating restaurants were secretly opened as entertainment-style venues, even if the Covid-19 prevention measure prevented them.

So, the Marine Committee had a meeting on May 7 at the Pattaya City Hall to discuss the standards and rules for marine-based business operators to follow, and invited some business operators to join in the discussion. The meeting came up with the following conclusions…

• That each business must dock at a designated area that wouldn’t obstruct boat routes.

• Employees would be required to pass water safety training.

• Each business had to have a first-aid kit, rubbish and garbage containers and collection.

• Suitable ways to dismiss the wastewater.

The committee also emphasised that the businesses, especially the floating restaurants, should entertain visitors with Thai traditional shows. only Some were reported to offer live DJs, bikini dancers and other types of parties which were considered “not traditional and unacceptable”.

The standards and rules agreed on in the meeting would be submitted to the authorities of Chon Buri province before being endorsed and allowed to re-open, officially.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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