Park Orgin Thonglor: A Perfect Nature Living Platform

Park Orgin Thonglor: A Perfect Nature Living Platform

Park Origin Thonglor has blended urban lifestyles with nature by remaining huge 60 years old trees with its condos.

Why this project is a perfect living platform?…it applies three main principles of essential living lifestyles for new generation  as well as fulfills a perfect way of life, the three main axes are…

1) Nature: Rediscover the Soul of Nature: Landscape had been designed to remain an old trees as many as possible. Human being originally emerges from nature no matter how advanced the technology is, we cannot fill up our live without nature. So one of the main highlight of this project is a 60 years old gigantic Chamchuri Trees which standing and shading the entrance area.

2) Community: Unlock your Style in all Dimensions. This project is called the community center because of its location which surrounded by variety of shops that meet the needs of new generation. The design of the building that connected 3 high rise condos together by “Sky Bridge”. Each building is well equipped with facilities for all time usage. 

3) Technology: Synergize Digital for Living efficiency.  Best innovation and technology have been introduced for the residents. The whole project is connected with wireless system a.k.a Internet of Thing or IOT, their “Home Automation” system which allows residents to easily control an electronic devices by fingertip. “Smart Mirror” allows the resident to work even while dressing up. Moreover, “Facilities Intelligence” system allows resident to control the use of common areas via mobile application.

Inspired by nature … into architectural designs

In addition to the A Perfect Living Platform concept, Park Origin Thonglor is a unique design project. It consists of 3 high rise buildings; 39 floors, 53 floors and 59 floors, each building has its own concepts with facilities to provide residents with a full-scale living in a world class lifestyles such as Private Spa, Yoga Fly, Outdoor Onsen, Co-Kitchen, Aqua Lounge, All-day Dining and much more. The name of each building has taken from the elements of beautiful world class gardens which combined with sculptures, rivers and trees as followed…

Tower A: Sculpture

Life experiences has innovated the unique design, it makes every moment special with fully equipped facilities to meet all the needs.

Tower B: Lake
Enjoy every moment in life with lots of activities 24 hours a day. Also being entertained by city  view in different perspective.

Tower C: Tree

Awaken the power of living with a meticulous design in every detail which well blended to reflect the elegance and active.

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