Nong Chat, among the top Makeup Artist in Thailand

An Exclusive Insides; Nong Chat, among the top Makeup Artist in Thailand

Talking about one out of five top makeup artists in Thailand, there would be Nong Chat or Chatchai Piengaphichart definitely listed, he is so popular and all Thais celebrities/superstars have been makeup by him, he is so famous for sweet and glow makeup, cannot look any further, he has a very long queues, you might need to book a year ahead!

Nong Chat does not have a rosy path for startup, he has been through ups and downs before becoming famous makeup artist.

1. The only son

He was raised in Chinese family, the only son, he knows he wanted to be a girl. Luckily, his mom always supports him by all means, the only thing his mom asks in return is being a good person. As the result of that, Nong Chat always do thing with all his efforts and with full commitment.

2. Started his career by being 10 baht hairdresser

Nong Chat always wanted to be makeup artist since he was very young but at that time makeup kits were so expensive, he was rejected when he applied for a job at hairdressing shops, that is the case for his mom to renovate their house to be a small hairdressing shop. Nong Chat started with 10 bath Shampoo-Blowdry, did it only weekends, that is how he learned the value of money since he was a kid.

3. Work hard and pay off school fees

His dream of becoming a makeup artist never fade, at the age of 13 years old, he worked and studied in the same time without asking any supports from the parent. During internship, he had a chance to work with famous cosmetics brand, he learned a lot about fashion world, also he has built his connections with senior makeup artists, helped them out when they had workloads, thus, he started to get more freelance jobs, but it is also high competition market, he was acknowledged by small group of customers.

4. A very first 700 baht for Bride makeup-hairdressing

Since he had some experiences on freelance makeup, here it comes, he was fortunate to do a bride makeup-hairdressing for just 700 baht, even though it might be so little to someone but it was a huge start for him to be confident in working on wedding business, never since then, he keeps receiving more inquiries on wedding makeups and becomes so professional until today.

5. Cannes Film Festival, the turning point

He might be successful in certain level but still rooms to go, one day, Nong Chat put down his comments to Ying Rhatha’s instagram, he mentioned his eagerness to be able to do makeup for Ying Rhatha, there you go, Cannes Film Festival in 2013 changed his life forever as Ying Rhatha called him to be her personal makeup artist, from then on, Nong Chat has been recognised even more and became so popular and famous makeup artist in Thailand.

6. Amazing Brush Artist that’s how he has been called

Being well-known as today did not come from luck but he worked hard for it together with his experiences which make him become so pro, if you want to get your face done with him, you might need to book a year in advance! He is not only famous among the Thais but so offbeat throughout Asia. No matter how your face shaped is like, he can change to the way you cannot ever imagined by “Amazing Brush Artist”.

Beginning with 10 baht artist to top five in Thailand is something extraordinary, he earns it because he puts his commitment and do the best the same way his mom used to tell him, he has set a good example to those who are going after their dreams!


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