No more beer and wine delivery, Thailand to ban online alcohol sales

No more beer and wine delivery, Thailand to ban online alcohol sales | The Thaiger

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There’s going to be a new ban on alcohol sales, but apparently just on so-called “electronic channels.” (We think this means purchasing through social media outlets and websites) For those who order craft beer that can’t be found at local stores, you might be out of luck. An announcement on the Royal Gazette says no more online alcohol sales. The ban will take effect 90 days after publication.

Selling and buying beer, wine and spirits online has become more popular, but the internet alcohol sales are harder to control than sales at local liquor stores, according to the announcement signed by PM Prayut Chan-o-cha. The announcement says it’s difficult to make sure the Alcoholic Beverage Control Act is being followed, like no alcohol sales before 5pm or on certain holidays, although some local stores don’t even follow all the rules.

Selling alcohol online without the buyer and seller physically meeting will be banned. The prime minister got advice from the National Alcoholic Beverage Policy Committee and decided to prohibit other online actions relating to alcohol sales. The Nation Thailand says the ban also includes persuading, introducing the alcoholic product or related services through electronic channels.

People will still be able to use electronic methods of payment, like bank transfers, when buying alcohol at stores, restaurants or other establishments.

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