NIXON Launches Mickey Mouse Collection

NIXON Launches Mickey Mouse Collection

Global watch and accessories brand, Nixon, brings its unique approach to the international celebration of one of pop-culture’s original icons: Mickey Mouse. Disney’s “Mickey the True Original” campaign kicked off in early this year as a global celebration of Mickey’s heritage, personality, and status as a pop-culture icon. It will continue through 2018 and beyond. Nixon has a long history of collaborating with icons and was excited at the chance to do something special for Mickey Mouse.

The Mickey Watch Legacy

First launched at the 1933 Chicago Exposition, Century of Progress, the Mickey Mouse Watch was one of the first Disney licensed products, and its giant success led to a whole new host of possibilities for expansion. Since then there have been many iterations of this iconic timepiece.

Nixon is thrilled to put its brand’s unique spin on the legacy with an iconically cool, Mickey Mouse inspired collection. The collection features eight watches and a line of bags, infusing classic elements and Nixon’s edgy design cues that bring a new look to the Disney legend.

A Unique Approach

From their unique multi-layered dial application, to details that only true Mickey Mouse fans would notice, Nixon’s approach to the fine details becomes a nod to the true fan’s commitment to all things Mickey Mouse. Look closely at the band of the Arrow Leather, the eyelet holes have mouse ears and the custom locking looper holes on the Time Teller P are actually shaped like Mickey Mouse’s buttons.

More than anything, Nixon was just stoked to celebrate with Mickey Mouse on such a big year. To showcase their excitement, Nixon worked in the number 90 in fun and unique places like crowns and clasps, and in a few cases, the nine o’clock even gets flipped to 90. The overall effect is one that speaks directly to both Nixon and Mickey Mouse loyalists.

The ‘Mickey the True Original’ line of Nixon bags and watches is available at facebook : Nixon (th) or


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