New Zealand announces 5 step border reopening plan, starting this month

New Zealand announces 5 step border reopening plan, starting this month

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern – Photo via Flicker

New Zealand is slowly starting to ease restrictions and gradually reopen borders. The country announced a five-step plan for loosening some of the world’s most restrictive Covid-19 measures, starting with allowing citizens in Australia, who have been fully vaccinated, to travel back home at the end of the month.

Vaccinated travellers will be free to enter on March 13, according to NZ PM Jacinda Ardern.

“Compulsory stays at state quarantine centres will be scrapped, but travellers will be required to self-isolate for 10 days, either at home or at another accommodation.”

1st Step – New Zealanders who have been fully vaccinated in Australia can come back home (NZ) on February 27.

2nd Step – Other nationalities that have been vaccinated will be free to visit from March 13. This goes for a number of “important and qualified” expatriates.

3rd Step – From April 12, up to 5,000 international students will be permitted to enter the country.

4th Step – Australians, along with other tourists, who regularly travel to New Zealand without a visa, are likely to be able to visit as soon as July.

5th Step – From October, anyone with a visa will be free to visit.

Since the global outbreak of Covid-19, New Zealand has been strict about its border control and tried its best to shield the virus from entering the country.


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