More Determination, More Merit

Support one another in achieving merit! While you are still young, use that youthful energy to support the work of Buddhism. Make a wish for your good work to bring you good merit.
The more determination in your heart, the more merit you will gain; the less determination, the less merit.
In my next lifetime, I will have the ability to look at a person and be able to recall his past existence, know his name in that existence, and where he came from. I am too occupied to do it in this lifetime, as I still have to deal with defilements. In my next lifetime, however, it will be second nature to me; I will have an enhanced ability to see through everything. When my time comes to be reborn as a human, I will invite all of you to come with me again to continue pursuing virtues. Wherever I go, whether to Heaven or Nibbana, or to be reborn again in this earthly realm in order to build more virtues, I will invite you to come with me.
Khun Yai Chand Khonnokyoong
from the book : “Khun Yai’s Teachings-Wisdom from an Enlightened Mind”
28 October 2523 B.E.

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