Mor Prom’s chatbot gives you free Covid-19 advice and online diagnosis

Mor Prom’s chatbot gives you free Covid-19 advice and online diagnosis

A chatbot has been added to the Covid-19 application, Mor Prom. The update allows users to examine information about their Covid-19 symptoms, and it’s about 85% accurate according to an assistant to the public health minister.

“The Mor Prom chatbot is not a medical diagnosis but it helps those who are infected with Covid-19 if they should seek urgent treatment.”

Users are asked to enter their personal information on the application… height, weight, age, underlying diseases and symptoms. The app will evaluate the patient’s health and make medical suggestions based on Department of Medical Services guidelines.

The chatbot (an automated question and answer software) will ask more questions and offer suggestions based on the user’s answers, and if the symptoms are serious it suggests that they call the 1669 hotline for one-on-one consultation.

It will feature a tool for people who are isolated in their homes, and want their symptoms evaluated remotely.

Director-general of Department of Medical Services said that patients experiencing mild Covid-19 signs will be cared for in homes or community isolation centres.

The Mor Prom chatbot is currently available on the Mor Prom app and Mor Prom Line. It will eventually be available on the Mor Prom Facebook page and website, but it will only be in Thai language.

SOURCE: Bangkok Post

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