“MADE FROM HER” Sena’s concept for “Women and Men”

 “MADE FROM HER” Sena’s concept for “Women and Men”

Sena asks everyone why do they think “ Women are high maintenance” and why everything is designed for women. The reason is “women are women” and they are delicate. If any design satisfies women needs, that can be assumed. When it comes to condominium selection, little details are important because it’s a beginning of resident’s happiness.

“MADE FROM HER” Sena’s concept for “Women and Men”

Sena Development understands this particular point and sees “Details in the women” also design with “Mind and Heart”. These are the way to develop immovable property for the needs of everyone.

This concept is developed and continued from Mind and heart concept (the previous commercial advertising). They become the beginning of “MADE FROM HER” campaign. They care every detail by the concept of women because women are delicate, careful and discretionary. We believe that if the women have chosen, that is the best thing for men.

Dr. Ketsara Thanyaluck (Yui) wants to give heartwarming, comfortable, confident and happy to resident in a complete lifestyle.

“MADE FROM HER” Sena’s concept for “Women and Men”

Many still not understand that designing room for “Women are please, Men are happy” how it would be.   The Sena releases new commercial advertising for express the concept of women.

Telling the needs, the feeling and the concern of buying residence become the conclusion of “MADE FROM HER” for the needs of women which no one has done before.

“MADE FROM HER” concept is used for “NICHE by SENA” project. There are 6 projects in this year under the theme of 2S and 2C.

HER SELF “confident”      –  self-confident is the beginning of every thing.

HER SECURITY “heartwarming”     not only be safe but trust

HER COMFORT “ feel comfort”  Do the best for your relax is our duty

HER CIRCLE “Sharing”              Life is to share happiness.

Credit: marketeeronline.co

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