LPN sending off “Lumpini maids” to condominiums, emphasizing its leading position in Social Enterprise in real estate market

LPN sending off “Lumpini maids” to condominiums, emphasizing its leading position in Social Enterprise in real estate market.

It is to be revealed that LPN’s affiliate is providing the “Lumpini maids” service, prototype model of Social Enterprise business in real estate market. The income from cleaning condominiums-within apartments is to be 18-25 Million Baht within 3 years with the employment of 1,700 underprivileged female employees. The company is also ready to take job outside; the party to a contract for first lot is “Ananda-Q House-Grand U” and 5-10 projects more for next year.

LPN sending off “Lumpini maids” to condominiums, emphasizing its leading position in Social Enterprise in real estate market

Mrs. Suratwadee Suawaja, managing director of Lumpini Property Service and Care Co.,Ltd., the branch of L.P.N. Development Public Company Limited revealed that since the full service in 2011, the company is ready to take the jobs outside, moving on from focusing on just to provide services to LPN condominiums.

Prototype model SE

Mrs. Suratwadee said that at the beginning of year 2017, the parent company’s policy is to push for the jobs outside LPN for the first time; starting from customers living in 5 condominiums in Ananda group, 3 projects in Development group, 1 project in Quality House and 1 project in Grand Unity at the service on the average of 17,000 Baht/ 1 employee. The main income is from the services mainly provided to condominiums in LPN which is now 100 projects while there are jobs offered to new projects 10 sites per year on the average each year. It is equal to the need of more employees on the average of 100-150 employees per year; from the current employees of 1,700.

For income, it is found that during these 3 years (2014-2016) was between 18 Million Baht, 20 Million and 25 Million Baht. It is expected that this year’s income is no less than 25 Million Baht with the margin of 2-3%.

The company was rewarded for the investment in SE (Social Enterprise) from Stock Exchange of Thailand, SET in 2015. The business model is the LPC Company’s policy to hire the group of underprivileged female and not focus on creating the profit for shareholders but for employees in the form of payment and other welfares.

“There are 3 aspects in definition of underprivileged female; low education or lack of education, having been taken advantages of wages and family issue-abandoned by husband or have full responsibility on a child or parents. The employment will be taking place within 3-5 Kilometers from the location of each condominium for the purpose of convenience in travelling to work. The wage will be at the minimum level plus 10% with the benefit of Non-Formal Education, the education scholarship for children, health insurance, part-time careers classes and bonus on the average of 1.8-2 months”.

The minimum contract of 3 months

The main services are cleaning, welcoming and driving. There are 1,700 LPC employees; 1,300 employees are cleaning communities as well as apartments and, the rest are at welcome points such as the lobby as it is touch point where there is a meeting with co-owners or apartment owners the most.

“Another part is driving. At LPN condominiums, there are shuttle bus services in the route taking the owners to-from their condominiums and train stations. The point is there are problems for hiring outsiders because of 2 periods of working; 6-8 O’clock in the morning and 5-7 in the evening with the free time for the rest of the time. So, the current LPC employees are to be selected, then trained for driving and they can support inventory department during the day”.

The managing director of LPC stated that the heart of job is the cleaning service from “community service employees” or cleaning employees under the campaign “Lumpini maids” to respond to the high need of apartment living style. The payment come in 2 forms; 1. One-time payment of 350-1,300 Baht/times 2. Monthly contract at the apartment size starting at 21-95 Square meter.

For monthly, the condition for minimum contract is 3 months or above. It is 2-4 times a month which is cheaper per time on the average than one-time payment. Cleaning 4 times a month (once a week) costs 200-350 Baht per time while cleaning 2 times per month costs 300-600 Baht per time.

LPN sending off “Lumpini maids” to condominiums, emphasizing its leading position in Social Enterprise in real estate market

Expanding to senior citizens

From the increasing number of senior citizens, LPC is in need to re-model the business to respond to such trend. However, LPN, the parent company, is giving the approval to hire more senior and disable employees.

It is found that the employees with the age older than retirement who still have strength and in need of income will be continuously hired. The duty, however, is to be selected to suit their ages, for example, cleaning parking space which is a clear spot will give them time to rest and there is no touch point to worry about as much as a hallway or lobby or any other checklists that need their own strength etc.

“Business in a form of Social Enterprise is becoming awakening issue among entrepreneurs. LPC was firstly occurred using the concept of wanting to share with community both from the inside and around the project. The indicator pointing out our right step and our success is the awareness about sharing having been passed on to LPC employees as they have asked to involve in voluntary works by cleaning nearby community. There were 1,600 voluntary events leaning the company to include the condition in the contract that the company needs to provide time for Lumpini maids to involve in voluntary works”, said Mrs. Suratwadee.

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