Lifestyle Mall in the middle of Life Center, all in one for young health enthusiastic ladies

Lifestyle Mall in the middle of Life Center, all in one for young health enthusiastic ladies

For working women like us besides focusing on work, one more thing that we never overlook is our appearance and health because we believe that these two things are some of the main factors that will improve our career. We want to present Lifestyle Mall, the place where health enthusiasts like youselves can have your demands met in one place known as the ‘Life Center’

Life Center is located on Satorn Road conveniently accessible by subway or car. Today we want to be your volunteer guide to show you, young ladies the lifestyle mall. This is the place where all the beauty clinics and skin care centers can be found but what is different from other lifestyle malls, is that all the clinics that are here are known for their diversity and popularity. Today we want to show you 3 clinics and skin care centers:

Asterspring, the skin care center. A specialist in skin care with international standard. Various treatments available including modern skin analyzer technology coordinated with Dermalogica, the best skin care product in the United States.

A Grace, a high-class beauty clinic full of holistic beauty. Take care of your skin by dermatologists that have experience both in Thailand and abroad.

Athena Clinic, beauty innovations experts. Treatment of all skin problems with the newest technological beauty innovations such as diagnosis skin problems using blood analysis and restoring bodily skin with cell therapy including treatments with reliable physicians.

One more thing that health enthusiasts can’t ignore is exercising. At Life Center, we have Fitness First with Platinum class and yoga classes with a personal trainer at Lullaby Yoga.

One more specialty at Life Center is that they have clinics and specialized medical centers that support different needs, but are found all in one place such as:

ADDLIFE Anti-Aging Center, the best specialist in Anti-Aging Medicine in Thailand with a group of certified physicians trained in the United States.

Nawabutr IVF Center, helps women who have fertility problems using modern reproductive technology services.

Ariya Wellness Center – Body restructuring institute offers entire body analysis system by experienced physiotherapist following  physical therapy treatment combined with specific techniques of “Ariya” that does not use any chemicals or drugs.  

Ruxta Eye Center:  Eye treatment centre by a team of dedicated professionals and ophthalmologists experienced in treatment. There is also the availability of technological tools and modern medical equipment equivalent to a leading hospital.


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