Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

How is your dream home?

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

Small? in-town location? Big Garden? near BTS, MRT or Convenient of transportation? whatever it takes, each of your dream is important to Pruksa.

This real estate company comes up with ideas to meet homeowner’s needs, attention to details (it is the same thinking as the company’s approaches), they always more than ready to build your dream home with 5 exceptional detailed concepts.

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

1. Attention to details… technology in construction and quality of house

Building a house is not a fun thing, you have to face lot of troubles in dealing with technicians or contractors, it is hard to make sure things will be built the way you wanted to be, with Pruksa who understands your needs with its technology in construction and production, you will have worry free in dealing with them, to make sure each house has strong fundamental Pruksa uses 2 technologies; Pruksa Precast: new technology, produces concrete wall, to support the high consumer’s demand in property with well-management systematic for the most excellent quality which certified by world-class technology from Germany. The second is Pruksa REM (Pruksa Real Estate Manufacturing): construction technology process with a team of expert technicians which increase productivity and quality. Pruksa is the first to use this technology and won two awards from ASASQ’s 2012 World Conference held in USA.

2. A type of house best suits your lifestyle

Everyone talks about how future housing would be like in this modern world, it combines with internet a.k.a. smart home, we are now using technology to comfort our life, Pruksa understands how to build a house with innovative construction and thinks beyond just a “house”. It is not just a place to shelter but it needs to meet your future lifestyle that is why Pruksa develops and evolves Home Automation & Security System…

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

Just simple click, for instance; Smart Control: easy to control home appliances from your mobile phone such as turn on-off air conditioner, lighting, entertainment system. Smart Camera: Security camera can be controlled online by your phone, and Security: anti-theft alarm on your doors always detect moving objects, and it alerts by sending pictures to your phone.

3. Creative Living and Design 

Pruksa creates high-value home for families with nice design, technology and functions with a home that truly value to enjoy their life while staying. Pruksa is dedicated to fulfilling  customer’s dreams and improved standard living with beautiful architecture.

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

Buying a house is like an investment, Pruksa is always committed to develop and design its products with upcoming 4 new living trends;

  • Safety Home: with Precast innovative and high standard equipment
  • Healthy Home: good ventilation layout, use colour with respiratory irritants, toilet without strains, and how to utilize the area
  • Green Home: environment friendly, solar system roof, ready-made ceiling to prevent the heat and energy saving, ready-made soft wall reduces dust and pollution, wood alike door frame and synthetic materials help to reduce nurture destruction
  • Smart Home: Building Information Modeling system, produces 3D designs and Home Automation controls all house appliances through your phone, for example, how to turn on/off the lights

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

4. Living Society

This is one of Pruksa’s aims, well-being living society that cares for society and surrounded environment together with facilities to make your life more convenient with good surroundings. The happiness cannot be bought which makes Pruksa even more dedicate for its customers to experience better life everyday.
Pruksa’s added features….

  • Solar Cell: energy conservation, sustain environment
  • Jogging Track: ideal exercise garden
  • Bike Lane
  • CCTV: surveillance cameras on main roads, small lanes and main gate
  • Double Security Gate: 2 layers gates to ensure your safety
  • Fast Lane & Easy Pass: individual lanes for both residents and visitors

Let’s Pruksa makes your dream house comes true

5. High standard of service for the residents

  • The advantage building or buying Pruksa projects cannot be described by words but you can feel it by how they put the heart into details, you will be taken care of nicely since the first visit, assisting to obtain the loan, it is really make your life easy
  • Excellent after sale service, any problems you have can be expressed via www.pruksa.com, any time, anywhere which always meet Pruksa quality standard
  • Pruksa is always dedicated and committed to make sure to delivery high standard quality home for our clients…now and forever
  • more information call 1739 or Pruksa.com

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