Let’s eat Canada-styled fried potatoes at Bangkok Poutine.

Let’s eat Canada-styled fried potatoes at Bangkok Poutine.

Excellent “rare” item we are looking for today is hidden not far from Khao San road. Poutine is Canadian food consisting of fried potatoes, Gravy sauce and Cheese Curd. It was the local food in Québec and then was spread popularly all over Canada (sometimes can gone as far as United States). You may find it in the luxurious restaurants and long the street.

Even though it is really hard to find in our country especially in Bangkok, with our strong faith, we can provide Canadian or even Congo or Domincan food. Bangkok Poutine opening for more than 6 years is like the pearl of Asia as it is one of the places that gathers the most original Poutine menu in Bangkok.

We will not definitely mention calories or any causes of fatness but we will talk about the signature when we are at Bangkok Poutine; we cannot order chicken with basil leaves and egg instead.

So what!! What makes it different from original French fried and Cheese?

It is!! What makes Poutine different from original French fried and cheese is not the crispy potato sticks but home-made potatoes cut in different sizes and fried with theirs skin on providing more gooey texture than frozen French fried from super markets.

What makes its taste excellent is sticky plain cheese curd, which will be stretched when it is heated, and rich Gravy which is made fresh daily. Besides, you can add more toppings by your own choices; like today, we have chosen long-fried bacon and onion on the side to add flavor to this dish.

There are several menus to choose from such as Italian original-vegetarian food like Beef Bolognese or Thai food like fried basil leaves with fresh chili with fried egg.

It is not just Poutine, it is also home-made Pita with Schnitzel (crispy fried chicken breast) and coleslaw topped with Tahini or luscious crushed sesame on the side.

Another dish is Falafel Plate; local Arab food looked like fried spicy minced pork. It is actually Fava Bean mixed with Chickpea. The secret is to soak beans and peas for 1 night to make them softer and then, crush and deep fry. They are to be eaten with Hummus or Purée powdered chickpea. On the side, Hummus (powdered chickpea), French fried, cheese, bacon or small-sized Poutine. It can be another choice for vegetarians.

How to eat is not that difficult; just put everything on Pita and then, open your mouth widely!!

It is not just us wanting to apply for a member at Bangkok Poutine , when you glance around and see the messages in the papers stick around the place and written by tourists from all  over the places for the past 6 years, they all say the same thing “ Thanks Poutine for the delicious meal and Thanks for making me feel at home again”.

Thanks Poutine!

Bangkok Poutine  

35 Samsen Road Wat Sam Phraya Khang Khet Phra Nakhon

Opening hours 11.00-23.30

Tel. 095-751-3018

Credit: www.dooddot.com/ www.facebook.com/pg/bangkokpoutine/about/?ref=page_internal

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