Leila Amulets: The Most Fashionable Lucky Charm you must not miss out!

Leila Amulets: the most fashionable and popular for the Moo group!
Undoubtedly, the jewelry brand called Leila Amulets, new generation jewelry brand, is on demand because of their contemporary style which so popular among the Moo group as well as the young generations. It depends on the way you want this magic jewelry to support; work, fondness, prominent, wealth or even protection. Thailand is well-known and associated with the belief in the sacred and magic amulets since the past. Just think back when you were a child, you would hung amulet or tied holy thread for luck (It all depends on what you choose to believe).

When we grow up…some of us belief the holy things are out-dated or they meant for oldies, it is just a shame as these Lucky Charms are beautiful, trendy in their own ways. Leila sees it through and tries to restructure jewelry and amulet markets by drawing Thai ancient beliefs to match the fashion market. At a glance of Bia Kae Phaya Seua Krong, you would feel like Gucci necklace! Moreover, colorful Ta-krut (magic jewelry) which many people dare not to wear it, it was framed and adorned with cool rock beads, Leila Amulets has brought lucky charms to new level, break the wall of embarrassment for the new generation which make Leila even more favored.

Let’s talk and get some ideas on how Leila Amulets started from this brand designer, Chan-Chandra Chanpitakchai

What’s the meaning of “Leila”?
J: It comes from Thai ancient poem, and it means ‘back & forth’ movement. I like this name as it makes me feel mystery- night of beauty, and not so noticeable which suit me the most, together with my passion to get the young generation’s attention for charming amulets. We are trying to modernize the whole system, and culture preservation in the same time.

Where your ideas started?

J: Leila started from selling stones (OLVD), it ties with belief as well, after this market’s boom has passed, we started looking at the problems, and almost 90% of women love seeking horoscopes.

We had some clients (mostly Chinese from Hongkong and Singapore) asking for Kruba Kritsana, but we had no ideas about it at that time, despite it was so famous in Singapore. The foreigners belief in Thai amulets, they even book temple tours, buying amulets back home…I think Thai amulets have its own beauty and trendy, that’s how I started doing simple designs.

How come you can create such cool items?

J: Back to selling stones and King Rama IX medal, we normally see people wearing their thick gold chain, and we want change the young generation to proudly wear them when they go outside without any fear or shy. Actually, it is a kind of craft, we do not want to change the design, but we organise it to make it wearable, not too fashionable but still look magical as each item has its own way of arts.

How do you know which temple is famous?

J: My aunty (MS Rattana Chanpitakchai) likes to make merit, often visits the temples, and she has lot of knowledge about these things, that’s one of an important starting point for Leila Amulets. Our team discuss which items are really interesting. These things have been with us since we were born without noticing them; pay respect to house spirit as an example, we do not pay attention but we have been absorbed for such a long time till it becomes our culture.

How the market reacts?

J: We started doing it in the beginning of this year, we received good feedbacks, mostly women like to buy it to support their attractiveness, some guys might feel little embarrass in buying it, a customer said her husband really stick with me since she started wearing charming amulet (laugh) , some customers consult which is the best amulet for them, it is like being their friends; giving advice and listen to their concerns.

Is it believable?

J: To prove it you have to try it, I think something is better than nothing, if you believe and have faith in it…you could expect things would turn out alright, nothing wrong to call it as a kind of heart healing thing.

What is the most challenging for Leila Amulets?

J: My design is visible and make it more attractive, another challenge we have are how the change the look to be decent, reachable pricing, draw attention, build up buyer’s confidence, positive thinking, reduce buyer’s shyness to wear it, last of all, I would like to see the Thais to proudly wear it.

Credit: vogue.co.th/ Leila Amulets/ IG: @leila_amulets

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