Latest denial confirms Nadech and Yaya more than “siblings”

Latest denial confirms Nadech and Yaya more than “siblings”As nosy people know, it’s never easy getting straight answers from unattached celebrities about their love lives.

But the case of Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund remains a particularly hard one to crack even after they’ve been so obviously close for year – intimately so, in fact.

The two stars continue to insist their feelings for one another are akin to those of a “brother and sister”. Yeah, right.

Yes, they’ve been the hottest onscreen couple in show business ever since their mutual breakthrough in the 2010 TV soap “Duang Jai Akkanee”. A riot would probably break out if they ever decided to appear in separate series.

They’re always seen together. They always sit together at awards shows. They do fashion shoots together. They hang out together in their free time. And they never miss each other’s birthdays. They’re awfully close for a brother and sister.

Now there’s an Instagram photo kicking around that’s caused uproar. It was taken at Yaya’s 23rd-birthday party and shows her and Nadech holding hand under the table.

No it doesn’t,  “We weren’t actually holding hands. He was just placing his hand over mine – you know, to show support and good wishes.” said Yaya

Yeah, right. And the ring on her ring finger? “It’s just an old ring that fits that finger best, so that’s where I wear it. I know people see a ring on that finger as symbol of engagement, but where I come from [referring to her family background] it doesn’t mean anything.”

Nadech was next to be grilled. How, he was coyly asked, has his relationship with Yaya developed over the years? “Oh, we’re doing great, like we always have. We’ve always been there for each other, supporting each other and taking care of each other, and I think it’s great that way.”

Time to take off the gloves: Is she your girlfriend? Are you dating? “Well, that’s up to you what to think.”

It’s a ‘YES’, then. Case closed!


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