KRABIKrabi tourism businesses not thrilled about Thailand’s reopening

KRABIKrabi tourism businesses not thrilled about Thailand’s reopening

PHOTO: Krabi tourism businesses are not so keen on international reopening. (via Flickr Nick Kenrick)

A prominent local tourism operator in Krabi is speaking out, saying the tourism businesses in Krabi don’t like or want the reopening Thailand has planned for November 1. He asserts that interest from tourists, businesses that can afford to reopen, and vaccinations among locals are all lacking.

The operator said that despite the government’s rosy predictions, he fears that not as many international travellers will be flocking to Thailand in its current state. With bars and activities banned, along with many small businesses closed either temporarily or permanently, there’s not much to attract tourists in any meaningful numbers to Krabi.

“We have had domestic tourists come and complain there is absolutely nothing to do because nightlife and entertainment are still mandated closed and many business owners won’t open unless the situation dramatically improves.”

Convenience stores are still open to grab a beer, but no social drinking is allowed as bars and clubs are closed and restaurants can’t legally sell alcohol. Add to that the huge amount of small businesses on Koh Phi Phi, Mueang Krabi, and other formerly lively tourist hotspots that have run out of savings and don’t have the money, stock or staffing to suddenly spring back to life, and you’re left with a semi-ghost town dismal vibe.

So with businesses shuttered and tourist numbers likely to be much lower than the overly-optimistic predictions, why risk the health and safety of Krabi residents? Only 31% of residents in the province have been vaccinated – just under 152,000 out of over 600,000 locals. Reopening plans have repeatedly called for 70% vaccination rates for provinces to be reopened, but have seemed to gloss over the failures to meet this target as the drum beats louder and louder on the march to reopening.

With two-thirds of people in the province unvaccinated, daily infections still on the rise, and severe Covid-19 infections, even some leading to death, still occurring in the province, the tourism operator may be right, and Krabi may not be welcoming the idea of welcoming tourists in the immediate future.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News

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