The Knowledge | Specialists in Education

The Knowledge | Specialists in Education

The Knowledge | Specialists in Education

The Knowledge Language School, with outstanding standard in teaching styles and services, develops its unique curriculum and selects qualified native-speaker teachers with high experience to join our effective teaching team.  For English Language courses, students can study one-to-one with flexible schedule. Students can also learn anytime and anywhere with unlimited hours. The school provides fun activities and students can confidently apply them in daily life.

– Small class sizes for giving all attention to every students

There are no more 10 students in the class in order to give all the attention and provide suggestion to students so it is guaranteed that the teaching quality is clear effective and faster.

– Tailored One-to-One schedule to fit your lifestyle

you can choose to study at your convenience time so you can move your timetable which is suitable for your lifestyle and

– Keep your own pace with online learning

The Knowledge language school provides online learning which help students to review their lesson no matter where they are and no matter what time and they can acquire addtional knowledge. There is nothing limit your learning.

– Track your goal with universal standard CEFR

With the limited number of students per class, teachers can focus on each students effectively and achieve desired result.

– Learning English through different kind of activities

English courses are designed to be excited and fun. Lessons and activities provide a learning opportunity through students’ daily life. You can choose to join interested activities to practice English skill, boost their confidence and review lesson they learned.


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