Do you Know Why are Collagen Drinks Popular in Malaysia?

Collagen Drinks Popular in Malaysia

Today, everyone seems to be hyper-aware about their appearance. Smartphone cameras are so powerful and clear that every imperfection is highlighted in every snap of the camera, and as disappointing as it is that we need to care that much about our looks all the time, the reality is that we do! You’ve probably noticed that in Malaysia, collagen drinks are on every shelf, making claims about how they improve your appearance.

But what are collagen drinks? Malaysia is not the only country to be hooked on the trend. From neighboring Thailand all the way to Japan, collagen drinks are increasingly treatments for the beauty conscious.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is an extremely strong protein found naturally in our bodies, in areas like bones and joints. In fact, it is the most common protein we have inside of us. Collagen serves a variety of functions, including strengthening bones and muscles.

Since collagen is used nearly everywhere in the body, it makes sense that people choose to take collagen supplements or eat foods with high amounts of collagen. And, since it’s a protein, there isn’t much concern if you take more than your body can use. It will just exit your body through urine.

What are Collagen Drinks?

Many beauty experts and doctors believe that collagen is the key to healthy skin. Since collagen as a protein helps fortify the structure of organs, and the skin is your body’s largest organ, it makes sense that collagen will improve your skin.

But most people concerned about their skin health from a beauty perspective don’t want to have to eat extra food just for its collagen levels. Foods like bone broth and animal skin are not that available or appetizing for many. Instead, they like to take supplements.

Many in Malaysia drink collagen as opposed to taking it as a pill because collagen drinks in Malaysia often are flavored and drink more like a treat than a medicine.

What can Collagen Do?

Collagen actually does have an effect on people’s skin. By strengthening the skin, it helps keep moisture in and fights against skin dehydration. As we age, this becomes more and more critical, as our skin becomes weaker and more susceptible to drying. Because of this, collagen is said to fight the formation of wrinkles.

This is why so many collagen drinks in Malaysia are flying off the shelves. Aside from the other health benefits of collagen, such as strengthening muscle mass and generally improving the health and function of all of our organs and bones, Malaysia prefers to drink collagen for its beauty-enhancing properties.

Next time you see collagen drinks for sale in Malaysia, pick up a case and try taking them as a supplement for a few weeks. Track how your body reacts and see if you get any of the purported health benefits. Maybe you will be turned on their wonder.

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