Kensington International Kindergarten Bangkok

p8Kensington International Kindergarten is an International Kindergarten offering a curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage and the British National Curriculum. We are committed to providing excellence in Early Childhood Education. We believe that for your child to reach their full potential we must provide a stimulating, creative and innovative environment where children become engaged and effective learners.

It is well documented that the first few years of a child’s life are fundamental in terms of their development. Hence, our promise to parents is that every single child in our care will enjoy a warm, safe, stimulating, individual and age appropriate education that will prove to be a critical foundation in their life- time love of learning, development and vital confidence building.

We only have your child for a few short years but we take a long term perspective and see them as future adults and leaders. In light of this, we make every effort to create a solid platform that can be built on. The Kensington kindergarten has everything needed for successful, well-rounded children.

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