K-dramas for the festive season

K-dramas have gained popularity worldwide due to their great production, well-written scripts, complex characters and convincing acting. In 2022, many quality K-dramas were released. Here are three top-tier shows in 2022 that you should not miss.

K-dramas for the festive season

Through The Darkness

Through The Darkness was inspired by the story of South Korea’s first criminal profiler. Kim Nam-gil plays Song Ha-young, who tries to solve the case of a notorious serial killer who wears red cap. Ha-young interviews several murderers in prison to analyse their behaviour and use the information to find the serial killer. Gruesome and cruel scenes can send a chill down your spine because many of the murder cases are based on real crimes and events. Even though some bloody scenes are quite scary, the excellent storyline and fantastic acting will glue you to your seat until the end.

K-dramas for the festive season

Reborn Rich

Available on VIU

Reborn Rich is an ongoing drama fantasy on VIU based on the webtoon The Youngest Son Of Chaebol Family. Yoon Hyun-woo (Song Joong-ki) is a loyal secretary who has worked for the Soonyang Group for over a decade. When he completes a secret financial transaction overseas, Hyun-woo is killed on the orders of a Soonyang family member. But he wakes up in the body of Jin Do-jun, the youngest grandson of the Soonyang family, in 1987. Since Hyun-woo now knows the future, he uses the information to make profits on the stock market and take over Soonyang Group. Each episode of Reborn Rich is intense and exciting to watch Hyun-woo take revenge on the Soonyang family.

K-dramas for the festive season

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Available on Netflix

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is an unusual TV drama about Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin), a lawyer with autism spectrum disorder who works in a major law firm. This optimistic drama allows viewers to understand more about people with the disorder, especially an episode in which Young-woo has to deal with an autistic client. Although Young-woo is a genius, she struggles to connect with other people including her father and boyfriend. The drama has a great balance between legal cases and Young-woo’s personal life. Eun-bin as Young-woo is so endearing and the chemistry between the cast is fantastic. Definitely worth seeing.

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