Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.

 Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.

As children are becoming self-independent in choosing their own jewelries, it is a good time for jewelry providers to turn around and listen to them. Jewelries for kids have always been stable in the market no matter how big; staring from traditional jewelries like bangle for baptism and brooch as a souvenir which has also been seriously and consistently developed. There are moreover, a variety of products such as Charm bracelet, earrings or pearl to respond to young fashion trendsetters.

Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.
The latest tendency shows that the need of jewelries among infants and young children is increasing. So, jewelry sellers are now concentrating on joining such trend and take the opportunity to build circulation.

Michael Tran, the director of Disney Couture who has presented jewelries for kids for 5 years stated that his brand’s jewelry set for young customers has been consistently successful. At present, the brand has been presenting single earrings, necklaces and bracelets for girls aged between three to eight years old.

“Many sellers said that there haven’t been various choices for kids aged three to eight years old. So, stylish, inspiring and high-quality jewelries for kids are needed” Tran said. He also explained that he has suggested jewelry sellers to encourage their circulation by picking out the products suitable as a gift for many occasions, not just for specific ones. “We have seen that the important key to fulfill the need in this part is the good-quality products at appropriate prices”. Tran continuously stated that “our popular style is the bracelet as its price is reasonable and its style is suitable for kids in every stage of their development and growth”.

Display Plus Imports (DPI) Jewellery is another provider who has been presenting jewelries for kids for 5 years. Their product set called Tiny Treasures consists of bracelets, bangles, necklaces, pins and single earrings for the new born and children.

Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.Justin Meath, the general manager of DPI Jewellery identified that there are obvious and consistent market and need for jewelries for kids nowadays. “We have noticed the consistent growth of this kind of jewelries for the past few years” said Meath and also explained that scalable single earrings and bangles are the best-sold products, especially, the products that can be written a message on. It is the opportunity for sellers to add emotional value in selling such product.

Erica Madsen, Ikecho Pearls committee stated that she introduced infant jewelries a year ago. As a provider specialized in pearl, Madsen observed that introducing materials which haven’t been used much with children is another way to make the difference. “Pearl is getting more attention to be put in jewelries for infants and grils” said she and added that Ikecho Pearls decided to join jewelry market for kids in order to offer different choices for mothers who want to purchase products for special occasions”.


David Paterson, the managing director of Paterson Fine Jewellery; who has introduced jewelry set called My Little Angel consisting of signet ring, bracelet and pin since 1980, has recently introduced jewelry set called Babylinks consisting of sterling silver bracelet which can be self-decorated by letters and colorful charms as needed.

Paterson thought that jewelry for kids’ market is quite stable. “Every time we launch a new product, it will go really well as sellers are always interested in new ideas in this market” said he and added that the original products are still popular as well.

Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.
Vibeke Henriksen, the distributor of Pia & Per in Australia-the Norwegian jewelry brand focusing on sterling silver jewelry, gave a advise that the high-quality product is the key to success”. Since she has also been wearing jewelries from Pia & Per since her childhood, it is the reason to start selling this set. Henriksen stated that the targets are young boys and girls at the infant to 10 years of age.

If you ask weather children will be able to afford, Henriksen insisted on 100% yes. “If the children see something beautiful, they would tell their mothers “I want one” and they would get what they want”, said she. “She likes when little children come in the shop as she knows that the immediate sale would occur if wanted jewelry is placed at children’s eyes level”.

For this reason, Paterson believed that children own purchasing power at one level “I think children nowadays has more influence than before because of the existence of online social media. However, parents are still in charge of picking out jewelries for their children” said he and added that sellers should target both parents and children together”.

“Even though marketing is to focus on fun and colorful products to attract children, there must also be the senses of security, quality and value to attract parents or purchasers”. Paterson explained that sellers must find the way to add more fun things, for example, giving out cheap premiums for each purchase such as Teddy bears or boxes with stickers.

Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.
Influence from media or persistence from children

There is still the conflict in this market for sellers and providers on the matter of how to present the design which is attractive to both children and their parents. This is because the parents are eventually the ones who analyze the value of each jewelry.

Christie Nicholas, the managing director of Kids Business Communications, said that this issue is getting more complicated in the children market where jewelry must look less adult or not too expensive while it must make the child look outstanding among their friends.

Tweens or children aged between 8-12 years old play the important role towards the need of jewelry and other fashion products” said Nicholas and added that even the younger purchasers have increasing influence towards the purchase.

“For younger children, the parents have influence towards jewelry purchase as souvenirs despite of the power of ‘persistence’ which still plays important role when children are interested in the blink of those fashionable jewelries” said she.

To attract both children and adults is greatly important towards circulation of this kind of products. “Sellers eventually have to try to attract adults because they are the ones who make the final decision”. It is obvious that jewelry for kids is moving forwards stably from its traditional beginning. Once the jewelry of this kind is getting wider to respond to the need of children who happen to know more and more about the jewelry. So, sellers will be able to harvest the profits from this market at a full measure.

Jewelries for kids: new business path winning over the young’s hearts.Credit:

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