Exclusive Interview with Nok Air founder Patee Sarasin

Patee Sarasin-พาที สารสิน is one of Thailand greatest entrepreneurs, founder of  the well known Thai  low – cost carrier Nok Air Airline, you may have seen him being interviewed on BBC , Bloomberg and many others world media, Siam Scope Magazine sure that he’s a personal hero of many. After his decision on stepping back from the management front roll. He is definitely already being missed.

Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee SarasinIn this exclusive Patee Sarasin interview he shares with Siam Scope Magazine his life, Vision and his next move…

Can you tell us a little about yourself; your family, education, hobbies and your interests?
Patee : I finished high school in England King’s School Canterbury UK, Clark University Business Management, American University MA mass Communication. Married with two children. Hobbies.. Music, squash etc.

Can you talk a little bit more about your education? How was your life abroad in boarding school and universities, we knows a little that you were sent abroad at a very young age ?

Patee : Yes I was sent to boarding schools at the age of ten years old. So it was a unique experience of having to look after myself since at a very young age.

What do you think of people assuming you had a privileged upbringing?

Yes being a Sarasin family would be perceived to be privileged.. But in reality, I was never brought up to feel that way. My family has been taught to be humble and realistic. Unfortunately, it is hard to try to convince others to believe this reality that I am just another person and no different from others.

Let’s turn the topic to your activities. Out of all interesting things you have done, which one do you like doing the most?

Patee : Its hard to say specifically what is the most interesting things that I like the most. I am not great at anything in what I do, but I can do lots of things that allow me to enjoy my life. But certainly I like music, and I do put time and effort to do it well.

Is music being considered as a part of your successful life?  

Patee : Successful in music?

Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee SarasinWell I do enough to be recognized by professionals. Is a part of my success?, It is hard to say, but I dare say that I must be the only CEO of an airline to be a recording artist.

Lets talk about guitar, How do you come to like guitar ? Definitely your music style is rock ? I have heard that you have the most special guitar in hand.Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee Sarasin

Patee : I have always like guitars. During my early years, I was not able to afford good guitars being a student. However, as I am able to afford guitars, I have invested in several of them to compensate from not being able to own one during my early days. And yes many of my guitars today are custom made for me by a company called Manson guitar Works.. And all of them are very uniquely designed for me.

As you are one of the most well known businessman in Thailand and you are the founder of now a very famous airline as everyone, includes neighbor country all around Asia knows the name Nok Air, do you consider yourself a success ?Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee Sarasin

Patee : I am proud to have been a part of creating Nok Air and help to make the company something Thailand can be proud of. I can say yes, Nok Air is a part of my success, but I would not call myself truly successful yet because my career path still moves on.

The fashion , because of the appearance of your simple sporty – jean fashion style, Is there any agenda behind it ? Do you want to tell others that you are different from other typical stressful buttoned-down business executive?Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee Sarasin

Patee : My style of dressing is nothing special, I carry myself that way because I believe I should wear something simple.. so simple that my team can identify with.

What can you tell us about Nok Air Under your care and authority?Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee Sarasin

Patee : Nok Air under my care is not perfect, but certainly we were innovative, fun, and different from other airlines in the world. We created a company that is transparent, and a place that our staff enjoy and proud to work in. I am proud that we were able to become public. And most of all we are a part of changing the way people travel, and allow more than ten million people today can use air travel to get to places.

Is there any project planned for the future?, What is your next move after Nok Air’s CEO ?
Patee : Future? Yes I am starting something new in the travel business that I hope can be truly innovative and fun. This time I am trying to create something again that Thailand can be proud of. But I will not go into detail until we are ready in the near future of course.

Do you have any inspiring code for young people these days, especially someone who are scared of making changes and being different?

Exclusive Interview with  Nok Air founder Patee SarasinPatee : Young people today have a greater chance to become successful at a young age. I want these younger generation to not be happy with trying to win positive image but dig deep down to understand that being different has to come with essence. (Not sure if yo can understand what that means) ..smile 🙂

Credit : Siam Scope Magazine
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